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Rosie Minako - In Morocco

It is finally time to say goodbye to winter. Spring is finally around the corner! Let Rosie Minako show you the beautiful Taghazout in Morocco.
Rosie Minako in Morocco
Photo: Lena Wendt Dress: Amine Bendriouich, Accessories: Mikimoto Jewelery, Anissa Kermiche, Shoes: LK Bennett

Morocco is such a beauty! I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit such a gorgeous country. I spent a few weeks in the lovely coastal region in Taghazout, where I woke up to the beautiful beach and rode horses along the beach as well as the mountains every day.

Rosie Minako in Morocco
Photo: Lena Wendt, Dress: Mounir Kaftan, Accessories: Spinelli Kilcollin, Anissa Kermiche, Shoes: LK Bennett

I also visited the local market, saw the work of local carpenters first-hand, and rode camels in the desert. Traveling is definitely the best teacher in the world! The trip has been a journey of self-discovery. Not only have I learned more about myself. I have also immersed myself in the unique Moroccan traditional culture and experienced the other side of the world - North Africa.

Moroccan culture is embedded with very strong values and deep-rooted traditions. I followed the etiquette rules while I was in Taghazout. In a Muslim country, clothing is modest. People get offended by clothes that do not cover the legs or shoulders, especially in the more conservative areas. As a way to show my respect, I always make sure my dresses are long enough. In this photoshoot, I worked with a few local Moroccan designers to showcase the Moroccan fashion style.

Rosie Minako in Morocco
Photo: Lena Wendt, Dress: Kaftan Elegance, Jewelry: Earnest Jones Jewelery

What is most remarkable about this magical place is people radiate positive energy wherever they go - the nature must have done wonders on their mindset! Moroccan people appear to form more meaningful connections and are less stressed about their everyday life. They are always so happy, laughing and giggling; their laughter is contagious! If there is one thing to take on from my trip to Morocco, it would be their optimistic attitude toward life. I hope to bring this energy back to England and continue to spread love and positivity. ♡

If you are looking to keep up with Rosie and more of her travels, give her a follow on her Instagram @rosie.minako!

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