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Cheyenne Lutek's Pre-Travel Essentials Checklist

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” - Saint Augustine

This is one of my absolute favorite travel quotes! Now that the world and its borders have reopened after the COVID-19 pandemic, we should be trying to travel the world's pages once more and adding chapters of memories and experiences to our lives! For you, my fellow wanderlusters, I'd like to share some of my suggestions for a travel packing checklist, taken straight from a chapter of my life!

Besides the usual toothbrush and clothing choices, follow this list of extras, and you'll never forget your adapter or lose your luggage ever again! With these extras, you'll be EXTRA prepared!

Cheers to being inspired!

Cheyenne Lutek, cover of LO'AMMI Magazine Issue No. 9 - Swimwear Edition
Cheyenne Lutek, cover of LO'AMMI Issue No. 9

Cheyenne's pre-travel checklist:

Electronic trackers. Placed in every luggage. Even hand luggage or carry-ons.

International travel insurance. If traveling outside of the country, never disregard travel insurance. It could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the event of an emergency. Also, be sure to check whether your credit card benefits include it for free.

Be Instagram-ready. I always do my research beforehand for the best Instagram-ready photo ops! I write these in the notes section of my phone — just in case I don't have the best service wherever I'm going to research it again. I map these locations and write them down in order based on their location in relation to each other.

Packing. I use packing cubes or compression sacks and, after watching a travel TV show, I learned the useful trick of ROLLING all of my clothing items in order to use all of the space most efficiently.

Plane necessities:

  • Earbuds — if you have AirPods or cordless earbuds, remember to bring your corded headphones because the ones that the airlines give out are the worst!)

  • Silk eye mask — silk keeps skin hydrated and can reduce the occurrence of dry eyes resulting from plane travel.)

  • Silk pillowcase — I always bring a travel pillowcase. Considering how bleached and hard-feeling hotel pillowcases can be, nothing beats the feeling of silk after a long flight. It's also life-saving for my hair and better for hydrating your skin, as well!)

  • Neck pillow — I buy the one that is a memory foam fold-up pillow that fits into a small bag it comes with— so it takes up less space.)

  • Book or e-reader — I prefer the physical touch of turning the pages of a book. Still, either way, there's nothing like shutting out work/stress and diving into another world. I know some prefer to get caught up on work while on the plane, but I feel like most of us as adults forget about mental health days and self-care, not to mention getting a head start on vacation mindset. This tip is one that I follow religiously.

  • A change of clothes in your carry-on — Just in case of lost luggage. Especially if I'm meeting friends in a foreign destination, I prefer to freshen up by brushing my teeth and changing on the plane before landing. It makes the arrival experience so much better (without you feeling like you're stinky or dirty!)


I don't like the toiletry products that most accommodations offer because of the chemicals and lack of quality. Needless to say, my hair is bleached blonde, so I need to bring my own specialty hair products in travel-sized bottles.

Along with that, these are my favs:

  • Dry shampoo - THE #1 MUST-HAVE! Why waste time washing your hair when dry shampoo is the perfect trick? More time for you to enjoy your vacation!

  • Bug bed spray - No matter the level of hotel or accommodation I stay in, I always spray the mattress and furniture with bed bug spray. It only takes one prior guest to cause an infestation. These creepy crawlies can hop into your bags and clothes and take a free trip back to your house! This spray is a much cheaper alternative than exterminating your whole home upon your return.

  • Zinc-based sunscreen - Natural for the skin and protective for the reefs. You want to avoid having to run all over the place searching for these items when you arrive, so it's best to buy them beforehand so your trip can be stress and worry-free!

Other packing necessities:

  • Hats and sunglasses

  • Scarf which can also be used as a dress cover up, sarong, or plane blanket.

  • Electronic adapters and converters

  • Collapsible tote

  • Vitamins

  • Charcoal pills — In the case of upset stomach or food poisoning.

I also try to pack things that have double usage. For example, a loose linen shirt works as a beach cover-up during the day, and then with high-waisted shorts and knotted at the middle works for evening drinks.

Apps to download before you leave:

  • Shazam for picking up music on the go

  • Google Translate for communication — I love the "voice to voice" feature, where you can speak into the phone, choose the language you want it translated to, and the phone repeats your phrase back out loud in the chosen language. I kid you not— it has come in handy so many times while traveling!

  • Mobile Passport — If you don't have Global Entry, then Mobile Passport is the next best thing when it comes to speeding through US Customs and Border Protection. Mobile Passport users also get their own security lane, which is typically much faster than the general one.

  • Uber/Lyft

I leave you with these few final words:

I hope your desire for travel has not been dampened by the COVID pandemic. There is so much beauty to see and experience in this world, so go get 'em, tiger! With enough planning and preparation, there is no way you can be disappointed; I promise. So with that, and my pre-travel checklist, being said— I bid thee farewell, fellow adventurer, and safe travels!

Feel free to share with me via social media whether my tips have come in handy for your travel experiences, any great travel destinations you've discovered, and/or photos you want to share!

Your wanderlust friend,


Instagram and Tiktok: @cheyennelutek

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