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Submit your fashion content to LO’AMMI Magazine.

LO'AMMI Magazine:
Submission Opportunities

LO'AMMI invites you to submit your creative work across various platforms—Print, Web, and Social. We accept a wide range of submissions for our magazine, from fashion photography and art to editorial projects and op-ed articles. Ensure your submissions are unpublished and exclusive until publication if accepted for print; our web and social media platforms offer more flexibility.

Submission Options


Submission Guidelines

Explore our magazine submission guidelines below to find the best fit for your project. Whether you are an emerging photographer, an innovative artist, or a thoughtful writer, we provide the perfect venue for your creativity. Please send all submissions to or for review, or try our new Submission Form below.

As a leading Art & Fashion Magazine and Lifestyle & Beauty blog, LO'AMMI is dedicated to discovering and showcasing new content daily. Join us in inspiring the world with your unique vision.


Article and Blog Submissions at LO'AMMI Magazine

LO'AMMI is actively seeking talented contributors to enrich our digital and print offerings. We value experienced writers who can handle assigned topics as well as create engaging short features and profiles. We are particularly eager to hear from writers who are ready to pitch innovative story ideas, conduct insightful interviews, and express unique opinions.


If you're a writer looking to contribute to a dynamic Art & Fashion blog, please submit your contact information and writing samples to us. Once accepted, our editorial team will meticulously proofread your articles and ensure originality before publication.


Please direct all submission inquiries and proposals to or for review, or try our new Submission Form below.

Submit Your Editorial Content to LO'AMMI Magazine for Free

At LO'AMMI, submitting your editorial work is straightforward and free of charge when sent directly to us, bypassing third-party involvement. Once we receive your submission, our editorial board will rigorously review your work and decide on its acceptance.


Approved editorials will be scheduled in our upcoming print issue's editorial calendar. If your submission is selected for print, we will keep you updated with the expected publication date upon request.

We are flexible with image orientations—whether landscape or portrait—and strive to present your images as true to your original vision as possible.


Please ensure all images are from the same photoshoot or share a cohesive theme. For print submissions, we require 3-6 distinct looks (for Fashion submissions), complete with credits for the creative team and wardrobe details, preferably provided in text format.

Upon approval, you will be notified about the publication date, and you will receive tearsheets as proof of your work's publication. For inspiration and to understand our editorial style, visit the Magazine section or our Instagram to view previews of past stories.

Please direct any submission inquiries to or for review, or try our new Submission Form below.

NOTE: Requests for changes post-publication may incur fees or lead to the removal of your content from our platform.

Web Submissions at LO'AMMI Magazine - Publish Your Creative Work Quickly

At LO'AMMI, we provide a streamlined process for web submissions. Once your work is submitted, our dedicated team will review it promptly and decide on its acceptance. If your submission is approved for our website, we will inform you of the exact publication date, typically within one week of approval.


For web submissions, we require a collection of 4-20 high-quality photos along with a title for the piece. It is essential to include credits for your creative team and wardrobe in a text format with your submission.

Specific Guidelines for Different Types of Editorials:

  • Fashion Editorials: We expect 2-6 varied fashion looks along with detailed wardrobe credits.

  • Beauty Editorials: Wardrobe credits are not necessary.

  • Art Editorials: No wardrobe credits needed.


Interested in showcasing your work on our dynamic platform? Send your submission inquiries to or for review, or try our new Submission Form below.

Submit Your Work for Social Media Publication at LO'AMMI Magazine

At LO'AMMI, we offer a dedicated channel for artists and creators who wish to have their work featured exclusively on our social media platforms. When submitting your work for social media, specify this preference clearly. We ensure that all artists and contributors are properly credited across our platforms, honoring your creative contributions.

Interested in having your work showcased to a wider audience? Send your submission inquiries to or for review, or try our new Submission Form below.

LO'AMMI Magazine Invites Submissions from Emerging Brands and Designers

LO'AMMI warmly welcomes upcoming brands and designers to submit their creative material to our platform. We are dedicated to showcasing new talents and innovative designs in the fashion and art industry. Whether you are launching your brand or seeking to gain exposure in a dynamic marketplace, LO'AMMI provides an exceptional opportunity for growth and visibility.

Ready to make your mark? Send your submission inquiries to or for review, or try our new Submission Form below.

Submit Your Videos to LO'AMMI

At LO'AMMI, we enthusiastically welcome video submissions to our magazine from creatives and visual storytellers. Whether it's fashion films, art documentaries, or personal narratives, our platform is dedicated to showcasing a diverse array of video content. If you have a video that captures unique perspectives or innovative designs, we provide the perfect venue for your visual expression.

Interested in having your video featured? Send your video submission inquiries to or for review, or try our new Submission Form below.

Articles and blogs

LO'AMMI Submission Terms and Conditions:

By submitting your work to LO'AMMI, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Copyright Ownership and Permissions:

    • You, the submitter, certify that you own all necessary rights, including copyright, to the submitted work.

    • You grant LO'AMMI permission to:

      • Publish the work as online and/or web content.

      • Print the submitted work.

      • Post the work on social media platforms (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and on the LO'AMMI website.

      • Use any credits provided by you in all publications.

  2. Indemnification:

    • You agree to indemnify and hold harmless LO'AMMI against any claims, demands, actions, suits, or other proceedings brought against LO'AMMI relating to the use of the submitted material. This indemnity covers any issues arising from false or inaccurate statements or misrepresentations in the submitted work.

  3. Rights and Compensation:

    • You grant these permissions to LO'AMMI free of charge.

    • LO'AMMI does not provide free print copies to contributors of our printed issues. Digital copies can be provided upon request.

  4. Consents from Participants:

    • You confirm that all participants involved in the creation of the submitted material (such as interviewees, models, production staff, etc.) have granted you all necessary rights for their contributions and that their involvement is fully compliant with these terms.

Additional Information:

  • All submissions are subject to review by our editorial board; publication is not guaranteed.

  • If you have any questions or need clarification on these terms, or if you have a unique type of submission in mind, please contact us using the form provided below.


We eagerly anticipate your submissions and are excited to possibly feature your work in LO'AMMI.


Editor-In-Chief, LO'AMMI

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