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Helin Kandemir - Screen Time

Helin Kandemir is an emerging Turkish actress. LO'AMMI expands on the opportunity we had to spend time with Helin, learning of her motivations, passions, and journey while growing into her destiny.
Turkish actress Helin Kandemir, LO'AMMI Magazine February 2023 Digital Issue Front Cover
Actress Helin Kandemir, LO'AMMI Magazine February 2023 Digital Issue Front Cover.

1- Can you tell us a little about yourself? What kind of childhood did you have?

I had a productive childhood where I spent most of my time on set. I was and still am one of two loving daughters raised by a loving mother.

2- You have been exposed to lights, cameras, monitors, and screens at a very young age. Let's talk about that process. How did your acting adventure begin?

When I was three and a half years old, I met the camera intending to keep memories for myself. After taking a break to work as a voice actress, I started acting again. I've been working since the "İsimsizler" ("Anonymous") project in 2015, and I still continue to find my story in my profession where I feel most productive and hardworking.

3- What lessons did such an early career journey teach you?

Having a profession at an early age makes me a more responsible person. Since I was a child, my family has never repeated a task with me twice. I have an extremely regular life and mental balance; I live in a very controlled way.

4- Do you continue your education as well as acting?

While doing this job, I always thought of staying in my school. I'm much luckier than other students in the system because I've been doing the job for years where I feel strong and productive. Studying was another way and culture that I completely opened to Helin for me. I'm a preparatory class student in the psychology department :)

Turkish actress Helin Kandemir for LO'AMMI Magazine

5- Where's your dream place in acting? How close are you to that place right now?

I really do acting because I feel strong, hardworking, and productive in this job. There's no place I want to reach. I totally love the presence of working in my life. I'm grateful every day for the wonderful friends I've made, the countries I've seen, and everything I've learned on this occasion.

6- Is there a character you want to play and an actor/actress you want to act with in the same project?

I don't want to limit my creative energy. That's why I'd like to take care of all kinds of characters that will expand my acting scale. I really like Ertan Saban and Salih Bademci, and I'd like to work with them. Likewise, I was lucky enough to share the same stage with Erdal Beşikçioğlu, but I'd like it to be repeated.

7- How do you feel while watching yourself on the screen?

While watching myself on the screen, I don't feel like I'm watching myself, but I feel like I'm watching an actress I've never met. In this way, I can approach myself more rationally. I can more easily observe what I need to improve in my performance.

8- You received the Best Actress Award at the International Istanbul Film Festival for your role in the movie "Kız Kardeşler" ("Sisters") at a very young age. What goal do you have for the future?

It's truly an indescribable feeling to see one's hard work pay off in the hearts of others. So it's been a precious award for me. Structurally, I'm not an ambitious person at all. My only goal for the future right now is to make myself and my surroundings more loving than yesterday.

9- Do you have any characteristic features that you can define as your personal boundaries and that you'll never compromise when it comes to them?

Turkish actress Helin Kandemir for LO'AMMI Magazine

My challenge is disrespect, the only issue I'm usually more sensitive to than others. It doesn't matter whether I'm exposed or not. Even if I witness it, I can't tolerate it, and it pushes my limits.

10- What're your biggest inspirations in life, what motivates you?

My biggest inspiration in life is life itself. Flowing water, traffic, people, etc. Anything that goes on and on can inspire me because that's exactly what I want for myself. I can be seriously motivated, especially by acting because this's an area where I can produce from my own soul. Finding a response here gives me the feeling that I can find an answer in life.

11- What do you think about modern aesthetic perception and today's beauty measures?

As a young girl, no matter how hard I try to keep myself in check and carefully, I'm affected to a certain extent by the perceptions imposed on us, so I understand my peers and my fellows in this regard very well. I'd also like to do whatever it takes, individually and socially, to get rid of the clutches of perceptions that never make us feel adequate. I don't believe anything can make you feel better than love.

12- How are your relationships with sports and healthy eating? Do you have a special diet or sports program that you follow?

The most precious habit I started and settled at an early age may be doing sports. Not just to fill my spare time, but now I have started to make time for it by making it a routine. I've always been a healthy eater, but I do it not to stay fit, but because I feel good. I constantly remind myself that while eating healthy and exercising, there's only one life, and there's nothing more precious than a meal I eat with my family or friends. Thus, I prevent the deterioration of my healthy eating habits.

13- What do you do on a day of care that you've completely devoted to yourself?

I go to the gym and listen to music. I have a cat that I adopted from the street, I spend time with her :)

14- How do you describe your style? What do you pay attention to most when choosing clothes?

I can wear any outfit that I feel good and beautiful in. I'm not particularly oriented towards a style or fashion. I shop completely for my own needs and without waste.

15- Do you describe yourself as an active social media user?

I definitely don't :) But I feel more at peace with this issue since social media has become a very important place for communication in our lives, especially during the pandemic. First of all, it's very valuable to communicate with people at the other end of the world who see and watch us… I read and follow all of them with love.

16- What do your fans ask you the most?

They ask a lot of questions, and I happily answer them all. I especially remember those who came to the set and visited me. I feel like friends with all of them. We usually have a very nice conversation, so I'm very happy about that :)

17- I know you're interested in music; Do you play an instrument?

I played the violin from middle school until the 3rd grade of high school. I love the violin very much, and it's a very good instrument for my soul, but I've been putting it off for a while due to my work intensity. With this interview you're doing, you made me remind myself that I shouldn't give up music :)

Turkish actress Helin Kandemir for LO'AMMI Magazine

18- Is there a new project that we'll see you soon?

There're a few projects that I've read and discussed, but there's yet to be a clear situation at the moment. I'll be happy to let you know when a project that I feel is right and has a reward in my heart becomes clear.

19- As a young actress at the beginning of the road, is there any advice you'd like to tell Helin 10 years later and a life lesson that you want her to remember?

Ever since I was a child, whenever I asked for something about this job and prayed after saying: If what I really want is going to make me a ruthless and evil person, I don't want it then. I hope Helin 10 years from now, still remembers the value of kindness, respect, and loyalty and will be implementing it…


- What do you enjoy doing alone?

Listening to music and going for a walk.

- The greatest sign of love?

To listen…

- The most interesting gift you've ever received?

I can't remember at all :)))

- The best advice you've ever received?

"When you talk to yourself, don't forget that you're talking to your childhood"

- The last book you read?

‘’The Devil Within’’ [Sabahattin Ali]

- What book do you recommend to everyone?

"Waves" [Virginia Woolf]

- What word do you use the most?


- The best movie of all time?

It's a tough question, but for me these days, "Another Round" [Thomas Vinterberg]

- What movie has impressed you the most recently?

‘’In the Mood for Love’’ [Wong Kar-Wai]

- TV series you like and follow?

I'm watching "The Young Pope" these days.

- What musician/song have you listened to the most recently?

The Weeknd/Sidewalks

- A song that reminds you of good things every time you listen?

"Imperfect Circle" [Jorja Smith]

- Superpower you wish to have?

Reading minds.

- Your life motto?

Be kind…


Looking for more news about Helin Kandemir and her upcoming projects? Follow her on Instagram @_helinkandemir

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