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Option Forward Podcast

Communication is the exchange of information, and we can transfer information in countless ways.

Think of the lyrics to your favorite song. Does it inform, influence or alter your mood? Think of the text message you read when you woke up this morning. Did the words excite a feeling or provide you with daily motivation? Think of your last meaningful conversation; remember the tone of voice, room setting, or person you interacted with. Ask yourself, what were the takeaways? Did you agree or disagree with what was being said? How did you receive the information?

It's 2023, and there is absolutely no shortage of podcasts. The pandemic created a sense of urgency for tens of thousands of adults to get away from their 40-hour-a-week cubicle occupation and placed us behind microphones projecting something else this world has no shortage of, opinions! From relationships, entrepreneurship, sponsorship, and the mystery of the Titanic ship: you get the point. Oftentimes when intense verbal communication occurs, there's usually a loser and a winner because one side talks the other into submission in the belief that differences of opinion can't co-exist - you simply have to see things the way I see things. Have you ever considered a place where people of different beliefs and experiences can sit together around a campfire and sing Kumbaya? Not really? Me either!

What I'd like to offer is an option to listen to the experiences of people who chose to go against the grain and achieved a level of success that at many moments felt unattainable not only to them but to the whole wide world that sits in the palm of our hands; smartphone, internet access, and a social media app. To stand in front of a crowd can be terrifying, and those in the crowd can't wait to confirm their thoughts of your total failure. I often get asked, "Why are you so quiet, shy, or reserved?" I think to myself and say inwardly, "I'm none of those things. I simply like to sit in peace and choose to speak as a way forward". Speech is art, like the collection from your favorite designer gliding down the runway. Regardless of my opinion, I sit with my opposite and speak as a way forward to a greater understanding. This is the Option Forward Podcast.

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Sis Heads
Sis Heads
11 de abr. de 2023

Great job son. In a fast pace society everybody has an opinion. It rewarding when we can agree to disagree without backlash. Higher heights awaits.

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