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L’ infinita Passione (Issue #5 Cover Story)

Passion is what drives us to be who we are. It is that little spark that makes us feel that we are living to the fullest. It is the motivation that wakes us up and makes us go out of our comfort zone.

Stephanie Del Toro - Front Cover - LO'AMMI Issue No. 5. Photography by Santiago Quinceno
L’ infinita Passione - Stephanie Del Toro on the Front Cover of LO'AMMI Issue 5

My name is Stephanie Del Toro, and this is a little bit of my story. I am from the beautiful Colombian coast and I have always dreamed to be an artist, even though I came from a very loving and traditional family who could not see me living as an artist, or having a career as a stable way of living. I went to law school and I gave my 100% to become the best lawyer I could be and I did it. I got my bachelor Degree as a lawyer from one of the most prestigious universities in Colombia and Latin America - la universidad Del Rosario in Bogota, the capital of my beautiful country. Then, I came to study academic and legal English in New York. I got scouted as model there, and little by little, step by step, this fire spread, because I saw this chance as a possibility to do what I love the most - performing in front of the camera as a model and an actress. This is a versatile way to present and allow myself to create and embrace the uniqueness that I possess for being Latina.

Model Stephanie Del Toro for LO'AMMI Magazine
Photographer: Santiago Quiceno, H/MUA: Lorena Duran, Model: Stephane Del Toro

For many years I tried to fit into different looks that could be cool or trendy (like more edgy, or more tomboy) but I always have my spicy Latina vibe that is a part of me and opened the doors that I dreamed of.

I had to work so hard to make this happen; I had to knock on many doors. Some of them never gave me a chance; I had to put myself in situations that made me believe I was not good enough, but I have always chosen to love myself as who I truly am and embrace my Latina side, to be and feel comfortable with my body. Even if I am a size 2, I was too big for some roles or I had too many curves. I just had a passionate self love awakening experience and I started to care less about what people will think. and I created healthy boundaries from what comes outside, since the entertainment industry is based in how we look. I started to grow in my personal life and I started to shine inside and out, because self acceptance and self esteem is a key ingredient to having a passionate way of loving.

Model Stephanie Del Toro for LO'AMMI Magazine
Photographer: Santiago Quiceno, H/MUA: Lorena Duran, Model: Stephane Del Toro

Siempre tienes que darlo todo - "You always have to give your everything," because we only live once, so either we win or we learn - there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you give yourself fully to doing what you love."

I just want to tell you today, that you are not too young or too old to feel and do what you are passionate about: you will find your way, start with a plan, and take action everyday to make it happen.

I aspire to inspire. I feel we all need to embrace ourselves and do what sets our soul on fire. that will make us feel an infinite passion for life and love


Stephanie Del Toro


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