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Maya Mosteghanemi debuts her new brand: Arabesque Boudoir Maison

Meet Maya Mosteghanemi, the creator of Arabesque Boudoir Maison, a gifted artist, and fashion visionary whose expertise lies in oil painting and abstract art that explores the complexity of the human subconscious.

Arabesque Boudoir Maison Logo
Arabesque Boudoir Maison

Influenced by renowned artists such as Braque, Dessau, and Minaux, Maya honed her skills while working at a couture boutique in Paris before making a name for herself in the fashion industry's upper echelons in New York City. Her impressive resume includes stints as a stylist, brand ambassador, and business manager for prestigious brands like Nina Ricci, Saint Laurent, and Versace at Saks 5th Avenue.

Maya Mosteghanemi, the creator of Arabesque Boudoir Maison
Artist and Designer Maya Mosteghanemi

Maya discovered that denim was the key element in her creations. The combination of denim, embroidery, velvet, and lace in this clothing line is a fusion of traditional and contemporary elements. The inspiration behind it comes from both Rick Owens and the Ottoman Empire. Maya's imagination has become a reality with the creation of her latest brand: Arabesque Boudoir.

Arabesque Boudoir Maison was founded in 2023 and is based primarily in New York. The brand unveiled its latest collections at New York Fashion Week, powered by Art Heart Fashion, on February 11th, 2023.

Currently, Arabesque Boudoir Maison offers two collections.

First is the "Bottom-Up" collection of denim apparel, which draws its inspiration from the 2016 spring fashion show of world-renowned designer Rick Owens. Each piece in the collection boasts an innovative upside-down design featuring reversed pockets, collars, and bottom pads that are sure to turn heads and make a bold fashion statement. This unique and daring approach to fashion is a testament to Owens's creativity and willingness to break the mold in the world of haute couture.

Model backstage wearing Arabesque Boudoir Maison "Bottom-Up" collection

Maya shared that denim is a "timeless fabric" and explained that it was chosen for the collection to elevate its versatility from everyday wear to a more sophisticated, elegant, and chic style.

The second collection, "Les Lila," showcases a fascinating myriad of textiles. This collection combines cultural styles from the Renaissance era and the Ottoman Empire. The collection features a wide range of fabrics, such as German velvet, lace, gold and silver silk threads, and intricate hand-made embroidery. The intricate details and craftsmanship of the embroidery create a luxurious appearance on the fabrics, which is a testament to the skill of the artisan who created them. The combination of materials and designs creates a unique and visually stunning collection that will captivate any spectator.

Arabesque Boudoir Mansion aims to empower its customers by encouraging them to follow their vision and beliefs. Most of their pieces are designed for women, with the hope of enabling them to pursue their ambitions while feeling confident.

During and after the shows, Maya Mosteghanemi received feedback from female models who wore Arabesque Boudoir, expressing that they felt "confident," "like a goddess," and "never felt this good."

Models wearing Arabesque Boudoir "Les Lila" collection

Arabesque Boudoir Maison is joining Paris Fashion Week on September 23rd and, afterward, presenting in Dubai. Look for their new collection on February 24th, including men's and women's pieces.

"How far you can go depends entirely on how far you can think" - Mary Kay Ash.


To stay updated on this brand, follow their Instagram account @arabesqueboudoirmaison. Keep an eye out for their upcoming website, which will provide more details about the brand, the launch of their collection, and where you can buy pieces from the collection. In addition, their impressive collections will soon be available for purchase through an upcoming collaboration with Flying Solo in SoHo.

All photos courtesy of Arabesque Boudoir Maison.

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