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Xiao Fen "WILDEST DREAMS" Collection Debuts at LAFW

Xiao Fen "Wildest Dreams" LO'AMMI Issue 12 Front Cover, LAFW
Xiao Fen "Wildest Dreams" LO'AMMI Issue 12 Front Cover

Xiao Fen is a couture designer based in Surabaya, Indonesia. This emerging designer's elegant and chic design style captivated audiences during the LAFW season. We had an opportunity to meet with Xiao Fen and discuss the collection that previewed at LAFW and beyond.

Xiao Fen backstage before the "Wildest Dreams" LAFW runway show.
Xiao Fen with Top Miss Russia and Miss Grand Florida backstage before the "WILDEST DREAMS" LAFW runway show

LO'AMMI: What is your inspiration behind the "Wildest Dreams" collection? What does "Wildest Dreams" represent for you?

Xiao Fen: The theme is "WILDEST DREAMS," inspired by flower fantasy with a total of 16 looks. It took about 8 months because the handwork details take a lot of time.

Also, as we know, LAFW is held in Los Angeles - a diverse city with many different ethnicities. Each ethnicity has its own beauty according to its uniqueness. It is the same thing with flowers, they beauty in each kind.

L'A: Flowers are a big theme in this series. What significance do flowers have to you in your creative process?

XF: Flowers are living things that we see around us most often, and they have their own uniqueness and beauty in each type. Therefore I have an interest in showing all these elements.

L'A: How did you find your passion for fashion design?

XF: I've been interested in fashion since I was little, maybe around 4 years old, when I used to mix and match dolls' clothes... I like to draw clothes. This continued to grow until I wanted to study the world of fashion design. I finally decided to study at the Raffles Design Institute in Shanghai and then continued at Central Saint Martin, London.

Xiao Fen "WILDEST DREAMS" Runway Show at LAFW
Xiao Fen "WILDEST DREAMS" Runway Show at LAFW

L'A: What is the hardest thing about being a fashion designer?

XF: It's competitive and challenging in the creative world. We have to always keep up with trends, tap into our creativity, and give something new that is accepted and liked by clients.

But gaining trust and proving your worth is the hardest part.

L'A: In your opinion, what is the most essential attribute for a couture designer to have?

XF: Originality and having your own characteristics are the most important. One of the designer's achievements is when people recognize the designer's name just by looking at the gown without seeing the label on the dress. Because you've already given your soul to your design.

To keep up with Xiao Fen Couture (news, shopping, etc.) visit:

Instagram: @xiaofen_couture, Ready-to-wear: @xsignaturebyxiaofen

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