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Dr. Mykola Goloborodko Creates A Unique Design Concept That Will Leave You Smiling

A contagious smile radiates confidence and positivity - this idea inspired Dr. Mykola Goloborodko to design his dental clinic.

Goloborodko Smile Esthetics Center

A person's self-esteem can change dramatically with a new smile, and their life can take a new direction. He opened a dental clinic that focuses not only on dental procedures but also on improving patients' self-esteem and enhancing their lives by making his clinic a shining temple that inspires people.

The clinic's unique design serves one idea – to energize and empower patients. The attention to detail is evident from the moment you step into the reception area. The art pieces in the form of waves represent energy, freedom, and perpetual motion. The light shining through the wall like rays of the sun and the cloud above the reception - an unchanging attribute of the heavens are the origins of all things on the planet. The vibrant orange color of the clinic symbolizes life, happiness, contentment, the desire for accomplishment and self-assertion, energy, and strength. It has a positive impact on the human psyche, relieving stress.

The clinic's design reflects Dr. Goloborodko's "inner world;" he aims to share a drop of brilliance and inspiration with people who come to him for treatment. The clinic is decorated with artwork created specifically to complement its design. Among them are the paintings Maestro, Dawn on St. Andrew's Descent, and the main sculpture Southern Night, which conveys an exceptional vibrance that dissolves all material things in an allusion to the works of the sculptor Konstantin Brancusi. The restroom has a starry sky to convey the coziness of the clinic.

Dr. Mykola Goloborodko

The design of the clinic is not just a one-off concept, but it also highlights the latest technology that the clinic uses. The clinic's X-ray room is designed like a spaceship, and the open sterilization room is designed like an open kitchen in a five-star hotel. Visitors can see everything happening, allowing them to see all the processes done by the staff. There are no questions about cleanliness and sterility. The X-ray room is designed to resemble a spaceship, embodying that these design concepts are not just for aesthetics but also functionality.

The most important place in the clinic is the office where the doctor works, the workshop where glistening smiles are created. There is also a studio here where patients are photographed with their new or projected future smiles, the latest 3D scanners for diagnostics and the manufacture of veneers, and microscopes for checking even the most minor details.

Dr. Goloborodko and the designer tried to capture the beauty of the sunrise the doctor sees every morning on his way to work. Two suns in the facility symbolize Dr. Goloborodko and his brother, who work with him in unison and give a new life to a human face through a beautiful smile.

Goloborodko Smile Esthetics Center

The dental clinic's design concept is unique and stands out from the usual sterile and clinical environment that dental clinics usually portray. The clinic's design concept is the brainchild of Dr. Goloborodko, who wanted to create a space that would inspire people to shine and radiate positivity. The clinic's design is a visual treat for the eyes and promotes a sense of well-being and positive energy. The attention to detail is evident throughout the clinic, from the art objects to the color scheme. The clinic's design is about aesthetics, but these aesthetics serve a purpose - promoting a positive environment that will make patients feel comfortable and at ease. If you are looking for a unique dental clinic that promotes positivity through decor, then Dr. Goloborodko's clinic is the place to go.


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