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Wisdom Fashion House - Interview

"Wisdom Fashion House is a contemporary Fashion and Design House based in Atlanta, GA. Wisdom merges Animation and Fashion, illustrating our coming of age story into a cartoon series being threaded through our lifestyle. Wisdom speaks from the perspective of a Black Kid on a Spaceship." - Latif Rashad

Latif Rashad is the Head Designer and Graphic Artist of Wisdom Design House. We had a chance to speak with Latif to gain a deeper insight into what makes this brand special.

1) Can we know a bit about the background of Latif Rashad?

I was raised in Stone Mountain, which was also the birthplace of Wisdom. I’ve been a cartoonist and artist for as long as I can remember. I found my passion repetitively doodling in class, but it wasn’t the 8th grade where I discovered photoshop. I began to become obsessed with brand marketing and magazine editorials. It was something about the psychology behind brand identity when it came to communication and culture. My goal became recreating visual ads to share my lifestyle and interests to create a culture around Wisdom. I’ve created graphic art and brand identities for clients for over 14 years now. I’ve mentored at Duke university for entrepreneurship and street wear studies. My passion is rooted in animation and storytelling.

2) How did this brand get its start?

Wisdom got its start at Redan High School during the year 2010. Around this time the streetwear era was at its peak. Being inspired by giants like Stussy, The Hundreds, Supreme and 10.Deep is where Wisdom planted its roots. The Signature Logo was created to represent our lifestyle, encasing an affinity for animation, illustration, skate culture,

design, cinematography, photography, fine art and fashion. Wisdom’s first time being exposed on a large scale was during its first fashion show at Valdosta State University in 2015, which played a huge role in the brand’s growth and identity. It wasn’t until 2016 when Wisdom performed a Guerrilla Fashion Show inside of Atlanta’s Lenox Mall, that the

brand was recognized as a Fashion House. It was in the same year Wisdom released End Rape Culture, a fashion campaign built on raising awareness about sexual assault around the world, which lead to a major collab and call of action initiative with the MeToo Organization.

3) Atlanta is a hot market for contemporary fashion - how was Wisdom able to find its voice in such a large market?

Atlanta is a city that is influential sonically, having deep roots in music lead to the acceptance of unique styles by

certain artists like Outkast. Those moments influenced an appreciation for contemporary and fine art, opening the

door for a fashion perspective. Atlanta is very young in its stages of having the proper infrastructure to sustain a

fashion industry. The uproar of streetwear and design had us stick out like a sore thumb in Atlanta. Finding our voice

has been fairly simple, being as intentionally consistent as we are. We found our voice by being an oasis for kids

passionate about design and fashion, while naturally being a divine representation of the people who create

streetwear culture around the world.

4) 'Wisdom' is quite a powerful statement as a brand. What about this brand symbolizes wisdom most?

Our ability to communicate with children and adults at the same time. Wisdom’s branding reflects the parallels of stoicism and childishness, complementing an eye for design while relating to the inner child of our audience. We find it important in our branding that we remain minimal from a less is more perspective while lacing our design and story telling with depth. Our slogan ‘Know Yourself’ is intentionally paradoxical in itself because we understand knowing yourself is a constant state of finding yourself, the present meeting change which is reflected in our design.

5) It seems this brand has deep roots in the space of animation and illustration. How much influence was drawn from cartoons, anime, comics, etc.?

In 2010 the concept of Wiser Wisdom was created. Wiser is Wisdom’s mascot, his character design was originally inspired by Bart Simpson of the 1989 Simpsons Cartoon. Wiser's personality reflects the characteristics of the brand. Wiser's nature is childish but stoic in a rebellious way. He's a character who will never allow his own humiliation, he is quick witted and always out smarts his oppositions. His facial expressions are nonchalant but he gives off an innocent aura, which allows for his actions to be never taken maliciously. The story of Wiser is simultaneously told the branding of Wisdom.

6) I personally relate to the "Black kid on the Spaceship" in a sense of feeling like wanting to escape the madness. How deeply is the concept and idea of this brand rooted in the Black experience in America in general (if, at all)?

There’s Black Kids on those Spaceships tells many stories. BKoS originally reflects the journey of a Black kid navigating a world where dreaming isn’t illegal and success is a system of work, retire and die. The spaceship represents our vehicles in life, you either ride in the lane you're told to or to imagine your vehicle has wings and create a new path tailored to your vision. By Wisdom having its roots in Atlanta, BKoS it is also reflective of the famous D4L line: “I’m starting to see spaceships on Bankhead” referring to the disenfranchised acquiring wealth in a place where resources are scarce. Overcoming adversity and surpassing expectations.

7) Any future developments, projects, launches, etc. that Wisdom Fashion House is working on that we should all be aware of?

Yes. We will be partnering with Urban Outfitters on April 22, 2022 at Atlanta’s Perimeter Mall to release Wisdom Eyewear, Homeware and Accessories.

8) Where is the best place to keep up with all things WFH in the future?

You can shop with us, find all of our content and our story at

Images from LO'AMMI Issue No. 6

Images from LO'AMMI Issue No. 6

Photo Credits:

Brand: Wisdom Fashion House

Product: Wisdom Frames/Eyewear

Photographer: Zachary Zay Gordon

Graphic Artist/Editor: Latif Rashad

Model: HOLLYWOOD COLE (Producer)


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