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The Twelfth Edition of the Fashion Award "Città dei Sassi" Was a Remarkable Success

The "Città dei Sassi" Fashion Award was a hit among the public, showcasing style, elegance, and international flair.

The twelfth edition of the International Competition for Haute Couture Stylists and Excellence Award, known as the Fashion Award "Città dei Sassi," was a remarkable success. The event was marked by style, elegance, and internationality. The purpose of the Fashion Awatd "Città dei Sassi" is to identify, enhance, and reward creatives and designers to discover emerging stylists and professionals in the field of women's fashion and to enhance the talent of the excellence of fashion in the splendid setting of the "Sassi" of Matera (Unesco World Heritage Site and European Capital of Culture 2023).

Sfilata Giampaolo Proietto

The event, now in its 12th edition, was conceived and organized by the Officina della Cultura, Artistic Director Enzo Centonze, Direction and Choreography by Stefania Coralluzzo as well as responsible for the entire Artistic part, Nicola Altomonte Press and Public Relations Office, Scenographic set-up (Audio/lights/led wall) by Angelo Lapesa, video directed by Verardi Produzioni by Antonio Verardi, took place in the splendid Piazza di San Francesco d'Assisi – Matera (Italy) with the conduct of the showgirl and actress Nadia Bengala.

Fashion is synonymous with peace and equal rights, equality, and freedom of women without distinction of race, color, and culture. Hope is female. This is the message that the Fashion Award "Città dei Sassi" wanted to launch from Matera (European Capital of Culture 2019) with the Cultural Association Officina della Cultura of Matera. The prestigious Fashion Award "Città dei Sassi "supports all the courageous women who fight against violence and promote peace worldwide. In an age where violence persists as a sad reality, it is vital that we join forces to put an end to this injustice and build a peaceful and harmonious future.

Through the Città dei Sassi Fashion Award with the "Officina della Cultura" Cultural Association, we want to use fashion as a powerful vehicle of expression to promote the message of non-violence and spread the culture of peace by supporting and encouraging stylists, designers, and creatives from all over the world to use their talent and their art to create garments and collections that convey this important message of solidarity and hope.

Premiazione della giornalista Fabiana Giacomotti

The Fashion Award "Città dei Sassi" (2008-2023) is a "Review/Showcase Event in support of young creatives of the fashion designer (Students, graduates of Academies, Universities and State and Private Schools, designers, stylists of fashion, pattern makers and fashion operators).

Established to promote the artisans/creatives of fashion in female total look from all over the world, to highlight their artistic skills and make themselves known through the media to an international audience, thanks to the presence of fashion exponents, of the press, both national and international television networks and the public present.

The event was opened in the Sala degli Specchi of the Palazzo Ducale Malvinni-Malvezzi - Matera (Italy) by the presentation of the Yearbook "Il Foglio della Moda" edited by Fabiana Giacomotti, journalist, writer, curator of exhibitions of theatrical, television and fashion costumes, author and television consultant for Rai, professor, and fashion correspondent, and the moderator Rosalba Stasolla (Professor of History of Costume) with the intervention of the President of the Province of Matera Piero Marrese.

La giornalista Fabiana Giacomotti e lo stilista Michele Miglionico

On the occasion of the second year of the monthly insert, "Il Foglio della Moda," published with il Foglio every first Thursday of the month and edited by Fabiana Giacomotti, available in Italian bookshops and newsagents, the release of the "Yearbook April 2022 – March 2023 of the Fashion Sheet".

The Fashion Channel is a media partner that was established with the generous assistance and collaboration of the Basilicata Region, the Province and Municipality of Matera, the APT Tourist Promotion Company of Basilicata, the Matera – Basilicata 2019 Foundation, and with the backing of the cultural project of Cosp Tecno Service.

The event, full of an articulated show with television times, is reserved for the new generation of fashion creators at national and international levels who will be able to give life to their high fashion creations, proposing their ideas of elegance and creativity in front of a large audience, largely made up of company representatives and industry experts, the press, authorities and the many tourists who flock to the Città dei Sassi in the summer.

La giornalista Fabiana Giacomotti, Il Presidente della Provincia di Matera Piero Marrese e la docente Rosalba Stasolla

The winners were decreed by a prestigious international jury of insiders (journalists, stylists, industry experts, trade associations, and institutions): The jury was made up of fashion creators: Gianni Molaro, Michele Miglionico, journalists: Fabiana Giacomotti (Il Foglio ), Letizia Schatzinger (TikTok Letizianews and Letizianews Letter), Maila Tritto (La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno), by the professor of History of Costume: Rosalba Stasolla, by the fashion expert: Marzio Nocera (Fashion Channel) and the Councilor with responsibility for Productive Activities, Sassi and University, of the Municipality of Matera, Lucia Gaudiano.

Premiazione della giornalista Letizia Schatzinger

There are a total of five competitors in the race. Their names are Casale Raimonda, Rosmery Conterosito, Sonia Flauto, Fabrizio Minardo, and Sara Sabato. The winner of the twelfth edition of the 2023 Fashion Award "Città dei Sassi" was the Ragusan Fabrizio Minardo, who presented the collection entitled "Clio" inspired by the 9 Muses: femininity capable of fascinating. The Ragusa-born designer Fabrizio Minardo wins.

Sfilata Fabrizio Minardo

A special moment of the evening was the delivery of the 2023 Fashion Excellence Award to Italian and European stylists: Nella Luongo, Paolo Fumarulo, Grazia Urbano, Renata la Rena, Giampaolo Proietto.

Other prizes were awarded during the evening:

Fashion Award Excellence 2023 to the stylist Gianni Molaro with the following motivation: "He permanently represents a name of excellence in the panorama of Italian High Fashion, synonymous with class and elegance, representing the true uniqueness of Made in Italy."

Sfilata Gianni Molaro

Fashion Award 2023 – Fashion Publishing to the magazine Il Foglio della Moda: "For being one of the most interesting editorial realities to emerge from the last period that tells about fashion through those who make it, manage it, and also those who study it. A cultural product that foresees, analyzes, arouses debate, involves, and builds community, without preclusions with serious lightness, an interaction between images, text, form, and content that has well known how to mix the elitist and the media, what the world likes of luxury with what people like".

Fashion Award 2023 - Journalism to the journalist Letizia Schatzinger: "A keen observer of fashion and its evolutions, she follows fashion with professionalism and passion through publications, articles, and social networks that are characterized by innovative ideas, style and quality of writing."

Fashion Award 2023 - Artist Excellence to the Bucharest dancer and dance teacher Nas Nicolle Rebeca "For raising awareness, through dance, of themes that affect women, gender equality, violence and above all human rights.

Another particular moment of the evening was the presentation of the Dress of Peace. The AIDE association wanted to give its contribution to the culture of peace. Starting from an idea of President Anna Selvaggi, which involved 21 women, gathered around the virtual hearth, rediscovering and re-evaluating ancient manual skills. The dress is a symbol of painstaking tenacity that explodes in the riot of colors and harmony of shapes. Ideally, every woman wears this dress proud and proud to be the Lady of Peace.

To conclude, a protagonist of Italian Haute Couture, Gianni Molaro, a Neapolitan designer of European renown, specialist, and a great lover of Haute Couture, stands out in the panorama of national fashion with his wonderful collections of Haute Couture, Bridal, and Ceremony and Prèt à Porter.

Premiazione dello stilista Gianni Molaro

To complete the look of the models, the Makeup Artist Team, directed by Sara de Virgilio with her SDV Academy Makeup will take care of the make-up. At the same time, the Primadonna hair stylists of Patrizia Leontini and Miss Edward of Elisa Massari will create the hairstyles for the photographs: Vincenzo Testa, Enzo Dell'Atti, and Mario Palma.

The twelfth edition of the 2023 Fashion Award "Città dei Sassi" is all to remember, one of those events that cross the spell of being special with a new vision of Matera through the language of fashion, ready to face a new and long journey and give new suggestions and send a message of non-violence and spread the culture of peace.

The commitment for the year 2024, on the part of the organizers, based on the positive feedback received from stakeholders, will be to export the Format of the Premio Moda® to other Italian regions as well as to countries of the European Union, which bears witness to the excellent quality level achieved by the event.

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