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Schiaparelli AW 2024: Crafting the Legacy of Tomorrow's Heirloom Fashion

Schiaparelli, the legendary fashion house, presented its Autumn/Winter 2024-25 collection in a stunning runway show that celebrated both couture and ready-to-wear. The show, held at the Maison's literal home at 21 Place Vendôme, Paris, was a testament to the brand's creativity, pop culture, and luxury.

Schiaparelli AW 2024: A Legacy Reimagined

The Schiaparelli AW 2024 collection marks an evolution in the brand’s journey, where the boldness of couture meets the accessibility of ready-to-wear. In a celebration of the "esprit de Schiap," the collection is a testament to the legacy of the maison, combining its historical essence with the vibrant direction of Daniel Roseberry.

Photos from Schiaparelli's A/W '24 Runway show, courtesy of William Perez.

Schiaparelli's Signature Iconographies and Daniel Roseberry's Americanisms

The A/W 2024 collection showcased Schiaparelli's signature iconographies, such as anatomy, measuring tape, and keyhole, as well as Roseberry's Americanisms like fringe, buckles, and denim. The collection was a complete wardrobe of everyday staples, but with the volume turned up to Schiaparelli settings. The blazer variations, crisp slacks and separates, and dramatic evening wear were all designed to tickle, thrill, and even shock the wearer and the viewer alike.

Each Schiaparelli Piece Tells Its Own Story

Schiaparelli's AW '24 unfolds as a narrative of contrasts. With a palette that oscillates between stark black and vibrant bursts of color, the collection is a dialogue between the heritage of Elsa Schiaparelli and the contemporary zeitgeist. The collection is a testament to the "esprit de Schiap," the brand's signature style that combines luxury, craft, and pop culture. Roseberry brings forth a collection that speaks to a clientele that is as confident in a boardroom as it is at a gala, with pieces ranging from sharp blazers to evening gowns that whisper drama and sophistication.

Photos from Schiaparelli's A/W '24 Runway show, courtesy of William Perez.

The runway show itself is a masterful orchestration of fashion's past, present, and future. For example, one model emerges, a vision in black, her attire cut in a manner that plays with form and negative space, adorned with gold accents that are unmistakably Schiaparelli. The next, a structural power suit, exudes strength with a touch of whimsy in the form of oversized buttons and a tie that winks at the maison's playful side.

As the show progresses, each piece tells its own story. There is a beige ensemble that speaks to timelessness, its tailored lines softened by the warmth of the hue. A denim creation follows, its traditional fabric elevated to haute couture levels, challenging preconceived notions of casual wear.

Photos from Schiaparelli's A/W '24 Runway show, courtesy of William Perez.

The Art of Accessories: Schiaparelli's Bold Statements

The accessories are where Roseberry's touch shines brightest. They are bold, they are conversation starters, they are the kind of pieces that become the focal point of any room. From the Face bag, an accessory that has transcended seasons to become a staple, to the small leather goods and footwear, there is a sense of collectibility, of pieces destined to become part of fashion's grand tapestry.

The Finale: Schiaparelli's Dazzling Evening Wear

The show culminates in a display of evening wear that dazzles the senses. A gown encrusted with sequins reflects the lights, casting a galaxy around the model, symbolizing the brand's stature in the universe of high fashion. It is in these moments that the runway transcends a mere display of clothing, becoming a canvas for artistry.

Photos from Schiaparelli's A/W '24 Runway show, courtesy of William Perez.

Schiaparelli's Future Vintage: Crafting Tomorrow's Heirlooms

With the AW '24 collection, Schiaparelli reaffirms its position as a purveyor of the extraordinary, a brand not just for the now but for the ages. As Roseberry aptly notes, this is about creating "future vintage"—items that will define this era of Schiaparelli for generations to come. The collection is a bold stride into the future, carrying with it the weight and wisdom of its past.


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