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Roberto Cavalli Unveils MARBLEOUS Collection by Fausto Puglisi for Fall Winter 2024-25

The Story Behind the Roberto Cavalli MARBLEOUS Collection

The fashion world was left awestruck as Roberto Cavalli unveiled its latest collection at the Fall Winter 2024-25 runway show. Titled "MARBLEOUS," the collection is a true testament to the Italian brand's craftsmanship and creative genius.

Designed by Fausto Puglisi, the collection takes inspiration from the marvel of polychrome marbles, which tell the story of the world through art and architecture. The collection's animal print is reinterpreted in an endless variety of veins found on white and black Grand Antique marbles, typical of historic Pompeii villas.

The Unique Prints and Patterns of the MARBLEOUS Collection

The MARBLEOUS collection showcases a range of fashionable items, including ultra-light oversized puffer jackets, marbled patent leather day bags, and a curved devoré velvet skirt made of Portoro marble featuring tiny flakes of yellow gold on black and vice versa. Additionally, the collection offers a stretch pencil dress in devoré fabric in burgundy Rubané marble tones or in emerald Irish Green hues, with chenille islands on black tulle. Other highlights of the collection include classic cut-out evening models, sensual leather miniskirts with bark pleats, and an elegant pantsuit paired with a sculptural jacket.

The MARBLEOUS collection also includes accessories such as buttons and jewelry in marble and gold-tone metal, a Roar Bag in marble-effect reptile, boots that are high-heeled yet not punitive, and modern flat shoes named "Pettegole" in all shades of the most beautiful veins.

The MARBLEOUS collection runway show was nothing short of spectacular! Among the many stunning pieces that graced the runway, two of the couture dresses definitely took us for a ride.

These dresses boast a trapeze silhouette, which is an actual work of art in itself, and it's no wonder why. The unique style, creativity, and Italian tailoring expertise that went into creating these dresses is second to none.

For example, Look 17 is made of luxurious black velvet and silk twill. This dress features a Marble print in black and white, beautifully embellished with jewel straps, black leather and velvet inlays, micro-embroidery, and crystal details. It's simply breathtaking!

And then there's Look 23, which is a true masterpiece. With its V neckline, upper part made of 3D effect Marble jacquard, and a skirt made of Red Marble print silk twill, this dress is a sight to behold. The cut-out details, red velvet and leather inlays, and exquisite micro-embroidery add to its elegance and unique charm. You'll surely turn heads wearing this dress!

The Symbolism and Message of the MARBLEOUS Collection

Roberto Cavalli's MARBLEOUS collection truly celebrates the power of metamorphosis, evolution, and change in women. It showcases women's beauty, strength, and ability to adapt and transform themselves just like the polychrome marbles found in Renaissance churches. The collection is a must-have for fashion lovers who admire the artistry and elegance that Roberto Cavalli is renowned for.


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