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Exploring the Beauty of Humanity and Nature in ROKSANDA's 2024 A/W Collection

As the winter night's chill swept through the air, the magnificent Tate Britain was adorned with the exquisite ROKSANDA Autumn/Winter 2024 collection. Every piece was an embodiment of elegance, with an array of colors and fabrics that were both lavish and environmentally conscious.

The collection is a tribute to the beauty that resides within the human soul and its interconnection with nature. Inspired by one of her architectural inspirations who spent his last 18 summers in a beautiful location, ROKSANDA set forth on a journey that explores the relationship between family and history, humanity and nature, and the coexistence of the past and present.

The Intersection of Art and Fashion in ROKSANDA's Latest Collection

Tailoring boasts a distinctive silhouette, juxtaposed against dramatic shoulders and tailored waistline in hues of Hickory and Dusk. Constructed and styled in modular forms, a note to Corbusier's sculptural forms, tailoring is created in the same Melton Wool used in interiors and homes, places that provide refuge and comfort. Notably present is the introduction of slashed skirts, overlayed on top of trousers crafted from the same Melton Wool and bonded with flushes of Midnight and Chartreuse-Verse.

In other parts of the collection, there are panels that resemble blankets and wrap around the body, creating a seamless connection with the skin. Long trains add a touch of historical charm to the contemporary elegance of the dresses. The collection features beautiful tapestries inspired by the mural paintings of Corbusier, showcasing the extravagance of interior design and upholstery, all created with the delicate touch of human hands. Additionally, an 'Oak Wood' print in shades of moss-green and rose pays tribute to the blank canvas that Le Corbusier once saw.

This collection features handmade sculptural jewelry crafted from light-gold manipulated silk satin that embodies the essence of art and craft. The structural shapes are created using silk satin in light mosaic and sage colors inspired by nature and the artworks of the architect's later life.

Sculptures are formed in finale pieces, reminiscent of waves crashing against the shore, with boning precisely applied to taffeta panels in Chartreuse-Verte and Midnight. Leather is introduced to the collection, coming to form in a Sienna Suede skirt coated in a high-gloss black 'cracked' finish, revealing the deep Sienna color beneath. In a similar style, a Sage leather trench coat, hand-sprayed with Chartreuse paneling, contrasts neatly against the matte suede.

Textures and Fabrics of ROKSANDA's Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection

The collection features several neutral shades, such as Black, Dusty White, and Ecru, making versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down. For those who love a touch of vintage glamour, there's Antique Rose and Peche-Clair, while Ochre and Light Hibiscus add a fun and playful touch. With such a diverse range of colors to choose from, this collection offers plenty of options to suit any style or occasion.

The collection features a range of fabrics carefully chosen for their unique textures and drapes. Included are sand-washed silk satin, melton wool, organic cotton poplin, and recycled mixed-fiber taffeta. The designer has also incorporated filcoupé/jacquard, tapestry, soft wool tailoring, and faux fur, creating an intriguing contrast of textures. Additionally, the collection features bouclé, suede, and leather, lending a touch of sophistication to the garments.

Celebrating Craftsmanship

The runway show was a testament to the designer's unparalleled craftsmanship. The models strutted down the runway in sleek tailoring, sweeping trains, and stunning jewelry, with their hair pulled back or short in nature. The footwear, curated by ROKSANDA for FitFlop and illuminated by its signature colors throughout, perfectly complemented the collection.

ROKSANDA's latest collection is a celebration of nature and history, and the designer's commitment to sustainability is evident in the fabrics used. The collection is both luxurious and eco-friendly, and it offers something for everyone, from bold and bright colors to more subdued neutral shades. Overall, the collection is a stunning tribute to the beauty found within the human soul and its dialogue with nature.


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