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Prada Reveals Organic Denim Collection

Prada renovates a classic textile design in a contemporary and sustainable way.

Courtesy of Prada’s Facebook page

Following the fashion industry’s sudden rise of sustainable practices to reduce their environmental impact of their garments, Prada’s Pre Fall 2021 collection, released on May 5, offers a current version of old-fashioned denim in a 100% Global Organic Textile cotton that is ethically sourced from organic farmers. This is a miracle (if not an oxymoron) because denim is resource heavy and is environmentally damaging.

The brand uses their “Organic Denim Washed Process,” which consists of organically sourced cotton combined with modern tailoring techniques and traditional denim production. The luxury fashion house utilized their tried-and-true Re-Nylon Method that includes a recycled nylon gabardine thread that has 90% less environmental impact than virgin nylon has. The brand applied a revolutionary “Aquasave” system to dye the denim, while saving 10 liters of water for each meter of fabric used in this process. A traditional non-organic system uses 1800 gallons of water for one pair of jeans.

The collection offers a variety of pieces that are practical yet polished. From the minimalist mini denim dresses and skinny denim skirts to timeless jeans and durable denim jackets. Not to mention an iconic pair of denim shorts and a legendary denim bralette for the women who are bold enough to rock it. All of the elegant clothes are embellished with the triangle Prada logo and are enameled in black. The devil is in the details with the accessories - the bucket hats, the shoulder bags, the loafers - all infused in a feminine and fun way, beyond cool. This utilitarian street style is all thanks to the direction of Raf Simmons and powerful vision of Miuccia Prada. The je ne sais quois style juxtaposed with traditional silhouettes are why this brand is highly sought after and will continue to be so for many years to come.

The collection is available to shop online and in stores now.


Randa El Meleigy is a copywriter based in Cairo, Egypt. A graduate of The American University in Egypt with a Bachelor of Arts in English & Comparative Literature, she specializes in the realm of beauty and fashion. You can find her at @randaashraf_.

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