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Luli Fama Ignites Paraiso Miami Swim Week with "La Vida Miami" Collection

At this year's PARAISO Miami Swim Week, Luli Fama, a beacon of Latin-owned luxury in swim and resort wear, presented its latest spectacle, the "La Vida Miami" collection. The runway shimmered under the dazzle of Luli Fama's designs, which brilliantly encapsulated the spirit of Miami's vibrant and colorful history.

Models at Luli Fama's runway show, courtesy of Luli Fama.

The show commenced with a dynamic dance performance, setting an electrifying tone for the evening. As models strutted down the runway, they brought to life the collection that is deeply rooted in the early glamorous days of South Beach. The designs featured powerful patterns in bold jewel tones, adorned with the brand’s signature gold accents, and an exotic flair that is quintessentially Miami.

Video courtesy of Alejandro Algo.

The backstage atmosphere at Luli Fama's runway show was a vibrant tapestry of focused energy and collaborative artistry, vividly captured in a series of snapshots. Amidst the bustling backdrop, models draped in lustrous teal robes exuded a calm yet excited demeanor, navigating the space with a mix of anticipation and professionalism. The air was thick with the buzz of hairstylists and makeup artists, who, equipped with brushes and palettes, transformed each model into a vision of beauty. There was an unmistakable rhythm to their movements, a choreographed dance between artist and muse, punctuated by occasional laughter and shared glances in the mirror.

Models backstage at Luli Fama's runway show, courtesy of William Perez.

Each interaction, whether it was a makeup artist applying the final touch or a hairstylist perfecting a curl, was imbued with a sense of purpose and creativity. The models themselves, diverse in their beauty, contributed to this electric ambiance, their expressions ranging from contemplative to playful when getting ready for their big moment, revealing a spectrum of emotions that were at once personal and shared. The setting was replete with organized chaos, where every individual was tuned to the frequency of the event, contributing to the overarching narrative of beauty and expression that Luli Fama’s show promised to deliver.

Models backstage at Luli Fama's runway show, courtesy of William Perez.

The "La Vida Miami" collection showcased a stunning variety of swimwear, from bikinis to elegant one-pieces with daring plunging necklines and uniquely designed cutouts. The show also included a range of art deco-inspired pink and aqua designs and elegant cover-ups that paid homage to the city’s architectural beauty. Notably, Jessica Vestal, star of 'Love Is Blind', graced the runway, modeling several exquisite looks, adding star power and allure to the event.

Models at Luli Fama's runway show, courtesy of Luli Fama.

Crafted from top-quality European Lycra and a mix of breezy fabrics like viscose poly satin and poly blends, the collection not only promised style but also unparalleled comfort and durability. Each piece reflected the luxurious lifestyle of Miami, characterized by its breathtaking ocean vistas, vibrant skylines, and architectural marvels.

Luli Hanimian, the founder of Luli Fama, explained that "La Vida Miami embodies the fearless spirit of the 'Luli Babe' inspired by the city's confident energy and boundless ambition." This sentiment echoed throughout the showcase, as each design empowered women to feel confident, sexy, and strong.

Models at Luli Fama's runway show, courtesy of Luli Fama.

The brand, renowned globally for its flattering fits and immaculate designs, has adorned celebrities like Lady Gaga and Camila Cabello. With over 30 years of experience, the designers at Luli Fama create trendsetting styles that cater to various body types, staying true to the brand’s ethos of celebrating a passionate lifestyle, one bikini at a time.

The "La Vida Miami" collection includes 40 sensational looks, many of which are now available for purchase or pre-order, with a full release scheduled for July 2024.

Image from Luli Fama's campaign, courtesy of Luli Fama.

For more details about the collection and to view the styles, visit Luli Fama’s website at or follow them on Instagram at @lulifamaswimwear.


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