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PQ Swim Unveils 'Tropical Retreat' Collection at Paraiso Miami Swim Week

The buzz around PQ Swim's latest Paraiso Miami Swim Week showcase could be felt by onlookers in attendance long before the first model strutted down the runway at this year's Swim Week. Amber Delecce-Forge, the dynamic founder of the woman-owned swim and resort wear brand, has done it again with the debut of the 'Tropical Retreat' Resort 2025 collection, a vibrant array of swimwear that promises luxury, comfort, and a splash of fun.

Two female models posing at PQ Swim event during Paraiso Miami Swim Week, one in orange bikini and the other in colorful patterned cover-up, against a backdrop of black and white event photos.

Models backstage at PQ Swim, courtesy of William Perez.

Set against the backdrop of a simulated sun-soaked Punta Mita beach, the show commenced with an unexpected but charming gesture: male models clad in PQ's hand-cut scalloped lace shirts distributed mini bouquets to the audience, setting a tone of personal touch and elegance. The collection is a homage to the carefree indulgence of a girls' getaway, encapsulating the spirit of adventure and leisure that PQ Swim embodies.

The backstage environment at PQ Swim's Tropical Retreat collection showcase was a bustling hub of energy and collaboration, brimming with the spirited buzz typical of a significant fashion event. Behind the curtains, the space was alive with anticipation and activity, where each participant, from models to makeup artisists, played a crucial role in the orchestration of the runway show.

The backstage environment at PQ Swim, courtesy of William Perez.

The mood was high-intensity, from the moment you walked backstage you could feel the tension, yet everyone appeared both relaxed and focused, embodying a serene confidence as everyone got ready for showtime. Their expressions and body language suggested a mix of playful camaraderie and intense focus, highlighting the dual nature of such high-energy events. A beautiful contrast of warmth and humanity added an inviting element to the high-stakes atmosphere of Swim Week, demonstrating a supportive and collaborative spirit among the participating glam teams.

Hair stylists, makeup artists, and production staff moved with precision and speed, weaving around each other in a dance of efficiency. The environment, though hectic, was marked by an air of controlled chaos. Each team member was attuned to the clock and the subtle nuances of their craft, ensuring that every detail was perfect before the models stepped onto the runway.

Elegant black and white photo of a female model in black lace attire and earrings, preparing backstage at PQ Swim's fashion show.

Model being prepped backstage, courtesy of William Perez.

The 'Tropical Retreat' collection kicked off with an array of sophisticated black lace suits, perfect for transitioning from a casual day at the beach to a chic night out. As the show progressed, the runway blossomed with color — from bold chevron prints to lush, brilliant-hued lace and the brand's signature crochet designs. My personal favorite was the textured gingham and metallic lurex designs shimmered under the runway lights, reflecting PQ's commitment to diverse fabrics and detailed craftsmanship.

Models walking at PQ Swim's runway show.

Photos from PQ Swim runway show, courtesy of PQ Swim.

Designer Andrea Gomez, the creative force behind the collection, explained, "This line is crafted for the PQ woman — adventurous, confident, and effortlessly stylish. We wanted to capture the essence of serene paradises where time seems to slow down, allowing every moment to be savored with loved ones."

Monochrome image capturing the excitement backstage with two female models in bikinis and one in sheer outfit celebrating at PQ Swim event.

Models celebrating after the runway show, courtesy of William Perez.

The crowd's reaction was palpable. You could feel the excitement as each new piece was revealed, imagining the destinations where these outfits would soon be worn. Celebrities like Jessica Alba and Rihanna have already been spotted embracing PQ Swim's luxurious aesthetic, further solidifying the brand's status in the high-end swimwear market.

Looking ahead, 'Tropical Retreat' is set to launch in September 2024, just in time for globetrotters planning their winter getaways. The collection will be available online and in high-end retail partners like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus, among others.

Backstage enthusiasm captured in black and white, showing models in patterned dresses high-fiving and celebrating at PQ Swim fashion show.

Models celebrating with the founder and designer of PQ Swim after the runway show, courtesy of William Perez.

As the show concluded and the crowd dispersed, the consensus was clear: PQ Swim had not only delivered a collection but had transported us all to a tropical paradise, if only for an evening. With their commitment to quality, style, and sustainable practices, PQ Swim continues to set the standard for what resort wear can and should be — a perfect blend of style and substance for the modern woman.

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