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SA Genty Automobile Unveils Its Flagship Hypercar - AKYLONE

The AKYLONE, a French-made hypercar, epitomizes the pinnacle of automotive power and pleasure. Its luxurious design and engineering are a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence. This automotive artwork is a rare collector's item available only to the super-elite and in limited quantities, making it exclusive to a select group of buyers who can take pride in owning it.

SA Genty Automobile proudly unveiled the completed rolling prototype of the AKYLONE in Saint-Yorre, Allier, in October 2021. AKYLONE is the inaugural model of this promising French luxury auto manufacturer. SA Genty has confidently developed and manufactured a "hypercar" sports vehicle that easily eclipses the 1000 horsepower mark. This groundbreaking project aims to demonstrate the latest technological advancements in the automotive industry. Frédéric Genty's love for cars and extensive knowledge of advanced composite materials inspired him to create a remarkable vehicle with top-notch performance and an exceptional design; he is enthusiastic about revealing his vision to the world.

Genty Akylone hypercar by French automobile manufacturer Genty Automobile

AKYLONE aims to offer a unique one-of-a-kind product to its upscale buyer base that stands out in the ever-expanding market for high-brow luxury cars. This project focuses on excellence, exclusivity, and delivering a vehicle with a sense of "soul."


AKYLONE originated from a childhood dream of a car enthusiast who early on surrounded themselves with Ferrari F40, Ford GT40, and Lamborghini posters in their bedroom. Frédéric Genty invented exciting mechanical car adventures inspired by the prestigious Mulsanne Straight. Over time, the realm of "supercars" has progressed with the introduction of new brands that have set higher benchmarks for performance, horsepower, technology, safety, and opulence. Nonetheless, we must acknowledge that these features carry a potential drawback: weight. Even the slightest burden may counteract the advantages of agile handling on the road and the racecourse, ultimately diluting the thrill of operating a hypercar. The original idea of AKYLONE began with this observation. The design is solely focused on providing a driving experience that is enjoyable, authentic, and free from any hindrances that may interfere with direct control and speed.

Frédéric pursued an IT management, law, and public administration degree before following his passion and redirecting his career to advanced composite materials. He also studied computer-assisted industrial design, specializing in surfacing and the management and programming of 4 and 5-axis machining centers, tool development, results analysis, planning, and human resources.

Genty Akylone hypercar by French automobile manufacturer Genty Automobile

As a workshop manager in various prototyping companies, he gained experience manufacturing replicas of high-end cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari and diverse concept cars. This experience allowed him to hone his project management skills while nurturing his passion for luxury cars. Encouraged by one of his teachers, he boldly fulfilled his childhood dream. His undertaking is nothing short of ambitious yet remarkable - constructing a French hypercar right in the heart of the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region.

The Genty Automobile team has drawn inspiration from France's illustrious automotive racing past to produce a high-end hypercar, the AKYLONE. This luxurious vehicle is entirely designed, manufactured, and assembled in France, utilizing predominantly French components and partnering with esteemed French brands such as Michelin and Pipo Moteurs.


Genty Automobile firmly upholds the philosophy of Colin Chapman, a renowned automobile designer of the 20th century, "Simplify, then add lightness." Genty's team seamlessly integrates this principle with the enhancement of the quality and design of their equipment. The AKYLONE showcases unparalleled technical expertise and employs state-of-the-art materials at the forefront of innovation. The unwavering focus on weight reduction is evident in every design aspect, which utilizes highly efficient composite materials for all vehicle structures, optimizes parts through CAD technology, and integrates top-of-the-line carbon-based external parts.

Genty Akylone hypercar by French automobile manufacturer Genty Automobile

The AKYLONE vehicle comes equipped with a robust V8 Bi-turbo engine manufactured by Pipo Moteurs of France, boasting an astonishing 1200 horsepower and 1200 Nm of torque. The engine's pulsating core is responsible for the car's resonant hum. Genty Automobile procured custom-designed Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, carbon fiber wheels, and carbon ceramic brakes for this vehicle. The vehicle's design and aesthetics, along with the project's key elements, are applied throughout all stages of production, ensuring a flawless finish that reflects the French heritage of top luxury brands.


The AKYLONE is a superb vehicle that flawlessly combines style and functionality, providing a truly remarkable driving encounter. Its exquisite polish enhances its streamlined structure, making it a worthy successor to the renowned French craftsmanship heritage. The AKYLONE vehicle is awe-inspiring, as it expertly combines advanced materials and technical expertise to create a power-to-weight ratio that is unmatched in its category. Its incredible performance, agility, aerodynamic finesse, and versatility on both the road and track completely isolate it from the competition. It is poised to become the new standard of excellence, and we all are confident it will exceed all expectations.

Genty Akylone hypercar by French automobile manufacturer Genty Automobile

This exceptional car exudes high performance and a unique emotional experience that only an actual work of art can provide. It is a masterpiece reserved for a select group of passionate collectors and enthusiasts who have the means to afford it. The AKYLONE will only be produced in a limited edition of 25 cars, with 15 coupés and ten roadsters. The coupé version of the luxury vehicle comes with a price tag of 1.8 million euros, inclusive of all taxes.


Engine: V8 Twin-turbo 90 degrees – 1200 hp

Power: over 894 kW at 7300 pm

Displacement: 3.5 L

Torque: 1200 Nm (over 1000 Nm from 4500 and 7000 rpm)

Gearbox: 7-speed sequential + reverse – P1192 Xtrac Synchromesh


Length: 4563 mm

Width: 2050 mm

Overall width: 2210 mm

Height: 1150 mm

Weight: 1280 kg

Power-weight ratio: 1.06

Transmission: 2-wheel Drive

Chassis: Carbon monocoque

Fuel: E85

Tank: 75 liters

Tires: MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2

Front: 265/35/20

Rear: 325/30/21


Top speed: 220 mph

0-62 mph: 2.7 s

0-124 mph: 7.2 s

0-186 mph: 14 s

1/2 mile: 9.8 s

1 mile: 16.6 s


The Genty AKYLONE will participate from July 6th - 9th in the Concours d'Elegance in Geneva at The Geneva Supercar Show. Also, from September 8th - 10th there will be an exclusive exhibition of Akylone during Le Festival Suisse de l’Horlogerie. For more information, contact the Signature Communication Agency -


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