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Designer Gefa Banini of B Studios presents "Follow Your Dreams"

On March 24th, Fashion designer Gefa Banini showcased her latest womenswear collection for B Studios at XTR Studios in Los Angeles, CA.

Gefa Banini B Studios Logo

The LA designer caught the audience's attention with an affordable luxury collection that flawlessly fuses her West African roots with a West Coast Californian vibe, all while being sustainable.

The Collection

Gefa showcased a collection called "Follow Your Dreams," a fusion of her African cultural roots and Californian upbringing. Her love for nature and laid-back, spiritual lifestyle are evident in her design style, which she built upon the foundation of her upbringing.

"Follow Your Dreams" features an array of "Robe Dresses" crafted from luxurious linens in delightful pastel shades, enriched by bold mud cloth print cotton and splashes of tie-dye which call to mind cotton candy skies on a leisurely California day.

As fashion trends shift towards multi-functionality, attention to detail, and craftsmanship, B Studios stands out as a brand that embodies these values. The designs in this collection appeal by the way the fringe and flow movement is incorporated into the fabric. As the models stroll across the stage, it creates a beautiful effect. This production exhibited a peaceful and calming tone, featuring nature imagery in the background and gentle, complimented by ethereal music.

About B Studios

B Studios is a lifestyle brand delivering garments, accessories, and digital products at a reasonable cost for those looking to adopt the latest fashion trends while making calmness and wellness a part of their everyday existence. Their designs are inspired by nature, science, and sustainability.

Model wearing BEING Studios "Robe Dress"

The trademark of the B Studios brand is its multi-functional design approach. B Studios develops durable products that can be worn or utilized in more ways than one; one product serves multiple purposes.

About Gefa Banini
Los Angeles based designer Gefa Banini of B Studios

B Studios was founded in Los Angeles, CA, by Gefa Banini. What started as custom-made face masks during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Gefa realized she had the talent to start and run a business that could help people by improving the quality of their lives. It was from these humble beginnings that B Studios was born.

Gefa Banini is a student at LATTC and also a single mother of three. She aims to challenge the stereotypes about single mothers living in poverty in South Central L.A. From the time that she was 12 when she began creating attire for her Barbie dolls, Gefa has continued to work on developing her fashion brand through years of determination, diligence and a relentless will to succeed. During her statement to the press after the show, Gefa explained that she titled her collection "Follow Your Dreams" because that's what she had to do to make her collection a reality. She is on track to graduate at the top of her class with a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design while launching her first collection. Gefa's designs have already been showcased at the California African American Museum and the Exposition Park Rose Garden, with plans for future displays in other venues.

What's Next?

"B Studios is more than a clothing company. We are a lifestyle brand with plans to slowly launch the various portions of our company, such as Home, Travel, Digital, and Skin Care, as our business develops and grows. All of our products align with our brand's core mission of Designs created with the well-being of ourselves and our planet in mind."

B Studios intends to introduce Zero Waste products after the fashion line gains more recognition.

Gefa is currently hard at work creating a pop-up shop and expanding B Studios' presence in the bustling city of Los Angeles, with plans to sell its products through high-end boutiques via wholesale partnerships.


To learn more about B Studios, visit their website, or check out their Instagram account @b.s.t.u.d.i.o.s.

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