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GASANOVA's "The Dragon's Power" Collection: A Tribute to Valour, Strength, and Dedication

GASANOVA is a ready-to-wear brand that originated in Donetsk, Ukraine, in 2013. The brand is famous for its fashion personalities that embody a contemporary aristocracy with a playful twist. Crystal dresses have appeared in the wardrobes of thousands of GASANOVA ladies, including First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska, Gigi Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian, and many others.

GASANOVA Ukrainian designer logo

As the holiday season approaches, Ukrainian fashion brand GASANOVA is ready to release a special New Year's collection called "The Dragon's Power." The designer behind the collection found inspiration in the symbol of the mighty and majestic dragon. This mythical creature represents not only strength but also the triumph of the Ukrainian will. With this collection, GASANOVA aims to capture the essence of these qualities and bring them to life through its designs. Each piece tells a story of resilience and determination, reminding wearers that they also possess the strength to overcome any obstacle. It serves as a powerful symbol of overcoming obstacles and working together towards a peaceful and prosperous future.

Ruslana Danylkina is a hero of the Ukrainian Armed Forces whose story showcases incredible courage and determination. This campaign aims to highlight her example and serve as a reminder that even during the holiday season, we can draw inspiration from those who have overcome great challenges.

GASANOVA "The Dragon's Power" Evening Collection

GASANOVA presents its collection in two parts: casual and evening. The casual section features shirts, T-shirts, and hoodies decorated with an intricate dragon motif inscribed in the brand's logo. This modern interpretation of the mythical creature embodies the mysticism and power of the legendary dragon. The evening section is represented by luxurious dresses, corsets, and jackets embroidered with stones and sparkling elements, perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your New Year's Eve.

Designer Elvira Damirova explains, "This collection is our expression of gratitude, a tribute to the valour, strength, and dedication of our heroes. Every year, people are interested in the oriental symbolism of the holiday, regardless of culture and nationality. We decided that this is a great opportunity to present Ukrainians with our interpretation of this ancient tradition."

GASANOVA "The Dragon's Power" Casual Collection

The "The Dragon's Power" collection will be available online and in GASANOVA boutiques starting from 21 November 2023. Get ready to celebrate the New Year in style with GASANOVA's powerful and luxurious collection.

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