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Designer Profile: Rayniah Gregory

Discover the inspiring journey of Rayniah Gregory Milano, a designer who's taking the fashion world by storm with her unique vision and commitment to giving back.

Designer Rayniah Gregory's runway show at Milan Fashion Week

Photo courtesy of Alex Callejo

Milan Meets Chicago

At the age of 8, Rayniah Gregory, the designer of the next generation, met Chona Bacaoco, the Chief Designer of MM Milano. As Rayniah started her career as a designer, her relationship with Chona grew into a close partnership under her mentorship.

An Eye for Fashion

Rayniah is a talented artist who finds her inspiration in fashion and the arts. Her passion for style and design led her to create her first collection, "The Ocean." This collection was inspired by the beauty of the sea and the vastness of maritime environments. Rayniah's dresses, showcased at MM Milano's "Home of Fashion Week" during Milan Fashion Week, mirror her unique and artistic vision.

Her mentor, designer Chona Bacaoco, recognized her talent and helped her to bring her ideas to life. The designs were bold, ultra-feminine, and featured vibrant colors and high-end Italian textiles, which gave the polished pieces a distinctive look on the runway.

Designer Rayniah Gregory's collection in Chicaco

Photo courtesy of Alex Callejo

Rayniah's debut collection was a breath of fresh air in the fashion world, with its playful yet bold and brilliant designs. The dresses truly reflected Rayniah's passion for style and the arts and her ability to create beautiful things that inspire and captivate.

Giving Back

Rayniah's first collection was introduced to her hometown of Chicago at a fashion show hosted by celebrity designer Barbara Bates in May 2023. Chicago holds a special place in Rayniah's heart as it is where she grew up. Despite being diagnosed with ovarian cancer at a young age, Rayniah did not let it hinder her from pursuing her dreams. Instead, it made her even stronger and more determined.

Photo courtesy of Alex Callejo

Her unwavering passion and creativity in arts and fashion led her to become a well-respected Designer of the Next Generation. Rayniah also uses her platform to give back and raise awareness for childhood cancer, an issue close to her heart.

Even More to Come

Rayniah has been diligently working on her second collection, which will launch at her upcoming fashion show in Chicago in November 2023. This grand affair is highly anticipated.

One of the show's highlights is that all the proceeds will be donated to Lurie Children's Hospital, a renowned medical facility that cares for sick children. This initiative is a reflection of her commitment to positively impacting society.

Designer Rayniah Gregory's collection photographed by Juan Padilla

Photo of Rayniah Gregory, courtesy of Alex Callejo

The beauty and diversity of Mother Earth inspire the dresses in the collection. Rayniah has carefully crafted each piece to embody the power of femininity and the essence of the natural world. From the colors to the fabric to the designs, every element of the dresses celebrates the various aspects of our planet.

By wearing the pieces from this collection, you can connect with the Earth on a deeper level. You will feel the energy and power of nature flowing through you, making you feel one with the planet. Get ready to be amazed by Rayniah's creativity!

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