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Eleonora Cicchetti Collection - "Dreamers"

Eleonora Cicchetti Collection was born as an innovative brand that wants to tell the story of all women who fight every day for their bodies against the prejudices of today's society.

The brand presents the Dreamers collection with dresses that talk about Parisian fashion, with flower cuts, hand embroidery, beads, and feathers, from light fabrics such as chiffon, tulle, and silk, to softer ones such as velvet. The brand was created by Eleonora Cicchetti, a young designer who decided to become a spokesperson for inclusiveness after having experienced firsthand the discomfort of "not feeling like enough" for the required canons during her work as a model.

Eleonora Cicchetti Collection made it possible to give voice and value to every woman and a revenge act against the prejudices that the designer herself had to endure. Each dress clearly references the historical period of Romanticism, the rich art of the Parisian world. High tailoring allows you to shape every physical form, abolishing sizes and finally giving true value to each body.

The distinctive feature of the brand is the presence of bodices. Whether rigid or soft, they are essential presences of the collection. Bright and determined colors combined with romantic and sensual cut dresses for women who want to shine and not go unnoticed.

Fashion Design by Eleonora Cicchetti Collection

Photography by Pietro Piacenti

Jewelry by Invaerso

Make-Up by Asia Mentil

Hair by Leonardo Raponsoli

Featuring Model Valentina Blandino @Actmodels

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