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Behind the Seams with Alexandra O'Neill and Markarian's Spring/Summer 2025 Bridal Collection

Discover the Magic Behind Markarian's Spring/Summer 2025 Bridal Collection

On a rainy Manhattan day, we were invited to Markarian's Bridal Spring Press Preview at their Flatiron showroom, where we were greeted by the cheerful team with Veuve Clicquot and chocolate cake. Markarian, synonymous with celestial romance and timeless elegance, is the creative brainchild of designer Alexandra O'Neill. Known for her ethereal bridal collections that blend modern sophistication with whimsical details, O'Neill has made an indelible mark on the fashion world. 

Alexandra O'Neill, founder and designer of Markarian.

Alexandra O'Neill, founder and designer of Markarian, courtesy of Markarian.

In this exclusive interview, Alexandra discusses Markarian's Spring/Summer 2025 Bridal Collection, inspired by Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream,' and how she masterfully balances contemporary design with fantastical romance. Join us as we delve into the visionary mind behind the brand and uncover the inspirations, craftsmanship, and philosophy that define Markarian's ethereal allure.

LO’AMMI: The name 'Markarian' carries a unique resonance within the fashion world. Can you share the story behind the name of your brand and what it symbolizes for you?

Alexandra O’Neill: Markarian is named after the Markarian Galaxies. I wanted the name to reflect an idea of celestial romanticism and whimsy, so I looked to the stars for inspiration.

L’A: You've stated that your Spring/Summer 2025 Bridal Collection draws inspiration from the ethereal world of Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.' Could you elaborate on how this play influenced the designs and what aspects of it you found most compelling to incorporate into your collection?

Mariela Gown from Markarian SS25.

Mariela Gown from Markarian SS25, courtesy of Markarian.

AO: There is a 1930s movie adaptation of the play that I found especially inspiring. A silver beaded fringe dress was the initial inspiration from the movie that I built the rest of the collection off of. There is a floral beaded fringe dress in the Bridal collection that I started with and then added in airy, ethereal embroidered floral organzas and crisp silk faille. 

L’A: This collection is noted for blending modern elegance with fantastical, romantic detailing. How do you balance contemporary design with timeless silhouettes, and what role do these whimsical details play in achieving that balance?

AO: You have to always strike a balance in anything that you are doing. With Markarian, I try to do that through fabric selection and silhouette. Our clothing is hyper-feminine and we balance it out with maybe a more streamlined silhouette mixed with a more intricate floral embroidery or fabric. These whimsical details are what set us apart and make us Markarian. 

L’A: You've collaborated with Gigi Burris Millinery for the design of the veils in this collection. What sparked this collaboration, and how do the veils and headpieces complement the bridal gowns?

Hippolyta Gown and the Markarian X Gigi Burris Francisca Veil.

Hippolyta Gown and the Markarian X Gigi Burris Francisca Veil, courtesy of Markarian.

AO: Gigi Burris is incredibly talented, and I always feel very fortunate to be able to work with her on projects. The veils and headpieces that we make together really complement the looks. They play off of the fabrics and add an extra sense of whimsy to the collection.

L’A: The collection features a rich mix of shimmering sequins, jacquard florals, and silk faille fabrics. Can you discuss your process for selecting fabrics and how they contribute to the storytelling of your designs?

AO: Selecting fabrics is one of my favorite parts of putting together a collection. I always look for beautiful and colorful patterns or a textured embroidery. I design a lot of our own beading and embroidery too so that it really feels like a core part of the collection and inspiration. I try to build the rest of the fabric selection off of that beadwork usually. 

L’A: Your gowns are celebrated for their feminine silhouettes enhanced with charming details like bows, eyelets, and fine laces. Can you share more about the craftsmanship that goes into creating these elements? How long did it take to create this collection?

Left: Portia Dress from Markarian SS25,

Right: Valeria Gown from Markarian SS25, courtesy of Markarian.

AO: We make everything to order in the heart of New York City's Garment Center. All of our pieces are hand-finished with care by expert artisans here. We work on each collection for a minimum of nine months from the start of designing silhouettes and fabrics to the final touches of adding delicate bows, special stitching, or buttons. 

L’A: We love the afterparty dresses and that they are designed to 'sparkle under the stars'. What is the significance of these dresses within the collection and how do you feel they compliment the transformation of the bride?

AO: The After Party Dress is one of my favorite pieces to design. You can have more fun with these pieces and break from tradition a little with them. We love to do a fully embellished piece that you can have the best time celebrating and dancing through the night in. 

Paulinia Mini Dress from Markarian SS25.

Paulinia Mini Dress from Markarian SS25, courtesy of Markarian.

L’A: When did Markarian begin, and how has your design philosophy evolved since then? 

AO: We have stayed true to our original concept of why we started Markarian. I knew that when I started a brand, I wanted to do it very differently and have it be the opposite of fast fashion. I wanted to create something that was slow fashion, where everything we made was thoughtful and made to order. I also wanted to offer a customization process that our clients could be involved in. I want people to feel a connection to our pieces and to keep them in their wardrobe for a long time. We make everything to order in the Garment Center in NYC in and effort to reduce waste. We know exactly who is making each piece and the conditions under which they are being made.  We still maintain this philosophy and continue these practices. 

L’A: Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring designers who dream of making their mark in the bridal fashion industry?

AO: I think that it is so important to have your own point of view and to stay true to it. 

Antonia Gown from Markarian SS25.

Antonia Gown from Markarian SS25, courtesy of Markarian.

L’A: For our readers who are enchanted by the Spring/Summer 2025 Bridal Collection, could you tell us where Markarian dresses can be purchased, including any flagship stores, exclusive retail partners, online stores, etc?

AO: You can find Markarian on, or you can make an appointment to come to our showroom in Flatiron to create customized pieces. You can also find us on Mytheresa, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, Saks, Moda Operandi, and other specialty boutiques. 

Embrace Timeless Elegance with Markarian's Bridal Designs

Alexandra O'Neill, founder and designer of Markarian.

In the heart of New York City, Alexandra O'Neill continues to redefine bridal fashion with her unwavering commitment to slow fashion and timeless design. Her passion for craftsmanship and a flair for celestial romanticism have positioned Markarian as a beacon of elegance for brides seeking something truly unique.

With her advice to aspiring designers to "stay true to your point of view," O'Neill is a hallmark for the spirit of creativity and innovation. For brides enchanted by Markarian's Spring/Summer 2025 Bridal Collection, the magic awaits both online and in their showroom, where customized dreams are brought to life.



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