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Attachments - "The Worst Generation" Debuts at LAFW

The Worst Generation, by 20-year-old designer duo Attachments, debuted at LA Fashion Week on October 8th, 2022.

Attachments "The Worst Generation" debut at LAFW at LightHouse ArtSpace Los Angeles
Attachments "The Worst Generation" debut at LAFW

This runway collection takes its root in a dystopian view of the future of our society's youth. Here, tradition and culture have been stripped away and replaced by the fast-paced effects of the digital age, and manual labor has become obsolete. The name of the collection comes from an anime called One Piece, as the pair openly admit that their collection is deeply rooted by anime style. In the original series, this "new generation" was represented as "problem children" who arose after a golden age and were the forerunners of a New Age.

Opening the show was a "homeless" man, who represents the obsolesce of those from a traditional age where manual labor was ample. Now in this dystopia, he finds himself as a dejected and unwelcome spectacle. He is soon followed by "The Worst Generation."

"In our era, kids our age... we see a lot of people are not very hands-on, and we kind of feel like our generation is kind of lazy. We kind of depicted that as "The Worst Generation" coming up..." - Attachments.

In this collection, the attention is on the details of every fabric. Every stitch in every garment tells another part of this grim societal commentary. In the articles of clothing being loosely held together with pins, we see the indications of a world slowly falling apart morally and intellectually. Although unmistakable craftsmanship is displayed, the looseness of the garments was meant to give insight into this new generation's laziness. Of course, Attachments has fully finished garments with hand-sewn buttons. Still, they carefully chose a "lazy" patchwork motif to express the passivity or jadedness we all experience in this era. Imagine the patchwork of a kid who just learned to sow but already expects to receive massive wealth or recognition from his work after a few weeks of learning.

Where we see items like suit jackets with ripped sleeves, we see the destruction of the traditional values of class and wealth. This destruction of cultural standards is indicated even by today's pre-teens seeking (or expecting) wealth or fame at an unprecedented pace. Everything is out of place, many things are happening simultaneously, and it comes at us all at once. One model is walking toward us, while another crosses in parallel; we are overstimulated by a wealth of content and a range of emotions representative of a continual social media feed.

Designers Yoni and Omer met at the age of 17. Neither of the pair had any experience in fashion or making garments at this time. Two polar opposites - Yoni, a musician; Omer, an engineer - come together to become one mind, representing the duality of organization and chaos innate within us. For 6-8 months without showcasing their work to anyone, and armed only with a portable sewing machine at the time, they began bringing their handmade ideas to life. During this period, design techniques were honed, signature styles were crafted, and creativity was expanded, which morphed into the brand we know today as Attachments.

As of now, Attachments are still in the process of building its online store, but you can always keep up with its latest works and developments on Instagram.

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