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AQUA Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have instrumentally climbed the ladder over the past year in popularity in the beauty industry. When thinking of hair extensions, the first name that comes to mind now-a-days in AQUA. We’ve noticed that brands of that past are losing their hype, and losing their quality. Aqua has maintained a strong quality that lasts a very long time. Many celebrities and socialites that use extensions are only demanding AQUA.

Aqua is known to be the “it” luxury brand in hair extensions. Quality is key for the brand. The CEO and Founder says that he wants to maintain the integrity of the brand; to be the highest quality hair on the market.

Aqua Hair Extensions
Image Source: Aqua Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are in popular demand more than ever before with new treatment applications being introduced every quarter, making it more of a natural look for the end consumer. After research, we gathered that hair stylist are more focused on quality rather than quantity and popular brand names. The bad that comes with a cheaper quality is that stylist must redo the hair, redo the style, hours in the chair, AGAIN, if the client is having trouble maintaining the natural feel and wear of the hair.

Aqua hair, according to leading hair stylists, has the strongest, most natural feel on the market. The brand is a global brand available across the world, yet most popular in the United States.

You can find more information about the brand and its treatments on their website:

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