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Anne Barge Unveils SS25 Bridal Line with Luxurious Tailoring and Timeless Designs

Anne Barge debuted their SS25 bridal collection with masterful tailoring, clean lines, and luxe fabrics. The sophisticated silhouettes transcend trends, mastering a balance of modern and timeless inspiration to create captivating silhouettes that daughters will beg to wear on their own wedding day. Long gone are the wedding dresses of eras past - no more heavy satins, bulky lace, and overwhelming sleeves demanding to be the center of attention. Anne Barge opted instead for sumptuous duchess satin in clean lines that cling to the body in all the right places. Brides are turned into bona fide works of art with dainty, barely-there laces that look as though they have been painted on and embroidery and embellishments so masterfully crafted one might believe they are the real thing. 

Anne Barge Unveils SS25 Bridal Line

Anne Barge SS25, courtesy of Anne Barge

The gowns were shot against a backdrop of muted, earthy tones, and antique interiors married to the feeling of lightness and airiness that carries throughout the collection with an overarching tone of grandeur and elegance. The dresses would look just as much in place within the walls of a grand ballroom as they would floating down the aisle. 

Anne Barge SS25, courtesy of Anne Barge

This collection embraced textures, be it understated jacquards, chantilly, and Alencon laces, or dainty floral embroideries. Lace was used as an accent, filling in the neckline of satin gowns and elevating a shrug top into the focal point of a corseted look. One dress used embroidered lace, which at a quick glance appeared to be part of the underlying fabric but, upon closer inspection, was, in fact, topically applied in an expert and seamless manner. Multiple looks featured a subtle yet oversized jacquard, another small detail that adds to the overall elevation of each gown. And a few very special pieces featured absolutely stunning floral embroidery, perfect for a bride looking for the perfect pairing of classic and bohemian. The delicate petals and stems look as if they have been freshly cut and woven into the fabric of the dress, hours of meticulous handiwork creating the illusion of a freshly blossoming sprig tucked into mesh - a subtle nod to the beginning of a new journey. 

Anne Barge SS25, courtesy of Anne Barge

But the true hero of this collection was the couture-level tailoring. Bodices were impeccably structured with princess seams and corsetry detailing. Full skirts flared out at the perfect point to accentuate the waist. Other gowns had defined waistlines, with a combination of full skirts and elegant, slim lines. They even offered the perfect reception dress - a strapless mini with gathering at the waist and a hint of a train flowing from a flirty yet modern bow. While the draping in this collection was minimal, with creative director Shawne Jacobs leaning more towards clean, crisp lines, the few moments of drapery were deftly applied, not too bulky, and with just the right amount of fabric to emphasize the waist without adding a heavy or bulky feeling to the gowns. 

In two words, the collection was clean and timeless. It felt nostalgic in the best way possible - all of the elements of your mother’s wedding gown reinvented for the modern bride. The lace sleeves and full skirts were on full display but updated in a way that felt balanced and, I daresay, regal. 


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