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The Messina SR1 Roadster: A Blend of Craftsmanship and Innovation

In the world of motorcycles, innovation and customization are vital factors in creating a unique riding experience. The SR1 is a lightweight, powerful roadster combining innovative engineering techniques, modern design, and expert craftsmanship. What started as a small-scale project has now evolved into a mission to redefine riding pleasure by combining technology and passion. Sadly, the designer and driving force behind the project, Jimmy, passed away, but his team is dedicated to continuing his legacy of building cool bikes and performance parts. In this article, we'll look closer at the history, design, and future plans for the SR1 and the team behind it.

Jimmy Messina's last wish before his passing was for the adventure to continue without him. So, an engineering company, craftsmen, and a designer have partnered to continue building on the SR1, and a young engineer has been hired to take over from Jimmy. New thermal and electrical prototypes are already in the works.

The aim is to find financial and industrial partners to help become a full-fledged motorcycle manufacturer. Initially, Michel, an industry Senior Executive, wanted to merge a Buell V2 inside a Voxan's frame. However, Jimmy, an industrial Engineer and a race mechanic, proposed designing and building the frame from scratch.

Together, they decided to create a naked street bike with an American V2 engine as the heart of the machine. Ben joined the team during COVID, fabricating the stainless-steel exhaust manifold and designing the gas tank. The team is passionate about combining technology and craftsmanship to achieve excellence, bringing quality and riding pleasure to the forefront.

Jacket by Duchess Ruby Iconic Vegan, Skirt By Emanuela Borok, Scarf by Artiste Camilla Gione, Jewelry by Georges Makaroun & Perla Creation, Shoes by Atiimu

The commitment is to consistently provide customers with innovative and tailored motorcycles anchored on quality and passion. The team strives to bring emotion by creating bespoke bikes that exceed their owners' expectations. The aim is to set up new benchmarks with innovative and emotional bikes and redefine riding pleasure.

Michel Messina, the father, has 30+ years of Oil & Gas experience and is a Harley-Davidson and hot rods enthusiast. Jimmy is a Mechanical Engineer and race mechanic passionate about 2 and 4 wheels. He has been designing automotive parts using 3D modeling software like Catia or Solidworks and modifying bikes in the family's garage since he was 14.

The process is a bespoke association of innovative engineering techniques, craftsmanship, and modern design. Each motorcycle is the product of thousands of man and machine work hours. The team hand-assembles and tests each new motorcycle in their facility, ensuring quality and traceability.

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Right: Dress by Maison Leonard, Jewelry by Georges Makaroun, Shoes by Atiimu

The SR1 is the flagship product, a lightweight, powerful roadster introducing an innovative frame design to boast the American V2 Engine in its heart. CNC-machined 6061 and 7075 T6 aircraft grades are used to bring the weight down while improving strength, and both polished and ceramic-coated aluminum create unique and aggressive lines.

The company is producing a small, customizable series of SR1 motorcycles and is open to any ideas for customization. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild. Unfortunately, the designer, Jimmy, who was working on a modern tribute to the famous Harley-Davidson XR 750, passed away. His last wish was to keep developing modern bikes and performance parts, so the company plans to continue his legacy. They already have a rolling chassis and engine design but still need to design the body. Anyone passionate about building an out-of-the-box motorcycle is welcome to join the project.

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Jimmy's vision went beyond just the SR1. He wanted to revive an old French motorcycle brand and design motorcycles for the US King of Bagger and Flat Track championships. The company has partnered with French brake and suspension companies established in the USA to prepare one of their bikes for developing performance motorcycles. They also plan to prepare Ducati for the US Flat Track championship and develop kits for the public.

Production Credits:

Production & artistic direction by Agency Signature

Film Production by BRISA BNK

Photography by Sylvio Testa

Make up by Catherine Cordella

Hair styling by Laurent Athias

Featuring Model Celine Morel


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