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How Generative AI is Changing the Face of Photography and Art

In a world where technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, many artists and photographers are exploring new ways of incorporating emerging technologies into their work. One such artist is Vik Bre Sol, who has been working with Generative AI to create distinctive and inspiring art and photography inspiration. In an interview, Vik - who is now the Art Editor of LO'AMMI - shared her insights with me on how AI has influenced her art and photography and how it can help other artists take their work to the next level.

Getting Started

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized how we approach many aspects of life, including art and photography. As a photographer, Vik has been capturing moments and creating images for over a decade, but her interest in AI was piqued in 2021 by the popularity boom of generative AI. Initially, she experimented with an AI tool called Midjourney that automates photo editing. By utilizing advanced machine learning techniques, it becomes effortless to produce professional-grade results. Because it can be so user-friendly, it's accessible to all levels of photographers to enhance images, remove blemishes, and adjust lighting and colors. However, it can do far more than just these tasks.

AI's ability to learn and generate high-quality images captured her attention, and Vik began experimenting with it in more of her photography projects. Initially, she says, the results were not the best, but with much practice and effort, AI's learning and improvement capabilities allowed her to create increasingly realistic and detailed images.

A photo created by Generative AI Midjourney, by Vik Bre Sol

What It Is

Generative AI is a technology that uses deep learning algorithms to analyze large data sets and generate new content. In photography, generative AI can be used to create unique images by learning from existing ones. This technology has many benefits for photographers, including the ability to produce high-quality photos quickly and efficiently and to explore new creative possibilities. Artists can use Gen AI to do many tasks, from generating fantastical mood boards to time-consuming retouching jobs.

According to Vik, collaborating with LO'AMMI to create unique magazine designs has been one of her greatest achievements since working with AI. With the help of AI, we can combine the present and the future to produce an entirely new form of art that not only inspires me but also others. Recently, a jewelry company approached Vik with a request for a new collection, and she "absolutely loved" working with both human designs and AI creations to combine the present and the future in a way that resulted in a stunning collection.

"By having a platform to educate others on AI art, I feel free to help break down any misconceptions or fears that people may have about the technology, which can lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of the potential that AI holds for the art world, and ultimately inspire more creativity and innovation." - Vik Bre Sol

Where It's Going

This technology can potentially revolutionize marketing and digital production as it stands and is set to be a future game-changer. As per Business of Fashion, generative AI has gained momentum in various creative industries, including fashion. To fully leverage the potential of this transformative technology in 2024, industry insiders believe that fashion industry players need to explore its capabilities to enhance the work of human creatives rather than merely relying on automation.

In the future, AI will continue to influence artists by increasing their visibility and inspiring them to create new art forms. The possibilities of AI are endless, and I am excited to see where it will take us. If you are considering working with AI, I encourage you to take the leap and explore this new and fascinating universe of AI art.

A photo created by Generative AI, by Vik Bre Sol

So why not take the first step in exploring the world of AI art today? Many online resources exist that can help you get started with generative AI, including tutorials, workshops, and online courses. As popularity increases and this technology becomes more refined, a wave of artists will seek to learn more about this powerful tool. Whether you're a professional photographer or just starting, working with AI can help you take your art to the next level and create something truly unique and inspiring.


If you are looking for more inspiration for AI art, you can follow Vik on her socials and get motivated by her expansive libraries of artwork:

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