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Fashion Art Toronto F/W 2023: A Showcase of Bold and Innovative Designs

Fashion Art Toronto is an annual multi-arts fashion week event celebrated for its 18-year commitment to providing an inclusive platform for Canada’s fashion and artist communities.

Fashion Art Toronto Fall 2023

Toronto's Fashion Art Toronto showcased some of the most exciting and boundary-pushing designers, artists, and creatives this November. The event, which ran from November 16th to 19th at Black Creek Assembly in the Junction neighborhood of Toronto, promised an immersive and inclusive fashion experience with runway shows, art installations, a Fashion and Beauty Boutique, and "The Boutique Pop-Up," a curated shop highlighting black-owned brands.

Photos courtesy of Fashion Art Toronto

One of the standout events of the season was the first-ever Club Catwalk, a fashion-inspired rave where partygoers could dance on the runway. However, that was not the only reason to attend Fashion Art Toronto. Founder and executive director Vanja Vasic promised an incredible season with Canadian designers and brands making bold statements with their work.

Opening night featured runway shows from Toronto brands MAYER and VANDAL, Montreal's Tristan Réhel, and a fashion-inspired presentation from artist Marisa Ricci. But it was not just established designers on show. The event's partnership with Toronto Metropolitan University showcased Queer and Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) student work on the runway, led by designer Mic Cartner of L'Uomo Strano.

Left & Right: House of Hendo Runway Show

Center: La Nouvelle Route du Coton Runway Show

Photos courtesy of Fashion Art Toronto

The 200-foot runway and Fashion Playground presentation stage also featured collections from a diverse range of designers and brands, including Brandon Kier, Dehmin Osawamick Cleland, FARDA, and Jessica Halabi. Guests could also take in photography, paintings, and installations from local artists, including Agata Rek, Gautami Gupta, and Kal Honey.

Of course, the fashion event would only be complete with refreshments. Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc returned as the official beer of Fashion Art Toronto, while Kanvas was the official culinary partner, serving up gourmet bites to guests in the fashion playground. Spirit of York and Smart Water were also proud partners this season.

MAYER Runway Show at Fashion Art Toronot

MAYER Runway Show, photo courtesy of Fashion Art Toronto

Finally, as part of its mission to support Toronto's fashion community, Loop Financial collaborated with Fashion Art Toronto to host a Retail Pop-up and exhibition featuring local designers and apparel brands. Taking place on November 17th at 300 King St East, the event promised to showcase some of the amazing brands based in Toronto's growing apparel industry and drive exposure and recognition for these very talented emerging brands.

Attendees of Fashion Art Toronto's latest season were treated to a truly immersive and inclusive experience, complete with diverse and boundary-pushing fashion, art, and culture. From avant-garde runway shows to thought-provoking exhibitions, the event lived up to its promise of showcasing the industry's best and most innovative work. It was a truly unforgettable event that inspired and excited attendees for what's to come in the world of fashion and art.


For more information, check out Fashion Art Toronto's website at, follow them on Instagram @fashionarttoronto, like their Facebook page @fashionarttoronto, or subscribe to their YouTube channel, Fashion Art Toronto.


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