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Brilliant Earth's Signature Bridal Collections Are A Modern Journey Through Timeless Elegance

In the heart of NYC's Flatiron District, Brilliant Earth's showroom beckons with an inviting warmth and an array of exquisite bridal collections. During our visit, we had the pleasure of meeting Omar Portigliatti, the Associate Director of Product Design & Development, and Colleen Clarke, the VP of Marketing. Omar, an Italian native from Taurino, shared his journey into the jewelry industry, which began in 1995 at Lycee Paster Nice in France. His extensive experience includes working as an apprentice at the renowned jewelers Grosso & Besson and contributing to the creation of the “Gold Palm” award for the Cannes Film Festival.

Introducing the New Brilliant Earth Bridal Collections

Brilliant Earth’s Signature Bridal Collections are designed in-house and inspired by the beauty of nature. We explored three standout collections: the Secret Garden, Camellia, and Olivetta collections. Each collection embodies the brand's commitment to crafting joyful, unique, and timeless pieces, inspired by our harmony with nature and reflect the core values of their customers.

Customization: Making Each Piece Your Own

One of Brilliant Earth's revolutionary approaches to bridal shopping is their extensive customization options. Every item in their collection can be personalized to fit the customer's vision. Colleen explained to us that all the items that Brilliant Earth sells can be customized. You can choose any gemstone shape, size, or even color, and all of the settings can take any diamond - natural or lab - or gemstone color that the customer prefers, to truly make it their own.

The Inspiration Behind the Designs

The inspiration behind these collections is to create jewelry that conveys joy and represents nature while maintaining a timeless appeal. A sketchbook with initial designs of the collections was present, giving us a feel for the design process and also reminding us that each piece is a literal piece of art and imagination.

Omar emphasized the importance of designing pieces that are beautiful from every angle, creating a "360 model" that tells a story from all sides. These designs are meant to be rediscovered over time, making them perfect heirlooms.

The Secret Garden collection, for example, features a crescendo of vines that start from the bottom of the shank and increase in complexity as they gather toward the center gemstone. Omar described this design as reminiscent of a summer trellis of Wisteria or Bougainvillea, creating a play of light and evoking a feeling of enchantment. This collection encapsulates the theme beautifully, offering wearability, lightness, and an airy feel.

Brilliant Earth prides itself on listening to its customers, allowing them to stay ahead of trends and continuously update their styles. However, this is not to say that Brilliant Earth strays away from its values. The idea of the natural bride is currently on-trend, but this has always been Brilliant Earth's design style for the past 20 years. Omar noted, "If you have a good design that people respond to, it's always going to be in style."

A Focus on Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Sustainability and transparency are at the heart of Brilliant Earth's mission. Whether customers choose Beyond Conflict Free™ Diamonds or natural diamonds, the brand is dedicated to ethical sourcing and innovative use of lab-created stones, gemstones, and recycled metals. Their collections are a testament to their pioneering efforts in sustainability, encapsulating their vision and brand identity.

A Welcoming and Personalized Shopping Experience

Visiting Brilliant Earth’s showroom is a uniquely inviting experience. Unlike traditional galleries, there is no pressure or intimidation. Customers can explore the collections with the help of warm and knowledgeable sales representatives, where you can experience a similar feeling to what we gathered during our visit of the Manhattan showroom.

The brand’s commitment to inclusivity and modernizing the jewelry industry is evident in their personalized shopping experience, tailored to the modern millennial brides and beyond who truly value personalized shopping experiences, feeling welcomed, and being valued.

With 37 showrooms across the country and three more opening by the end of the year, Brilliant Earth is making its mark nationwide. Customers can also explore their offerings online at Brilliant Earth's website, where the locations of individual showrooms are listed.

Conclusion: A New Era of Bridal Shopping

Brilliant Earth is redefining bridal shopping with its approachability, warmth, and emphasis on personalization. From the welcoming atmosphere of their showrooms to their customizable collections, the brand is setting a new standard for the industry. As Omar aptly put it, “Creating a cohesive story is part of the design process, ensuring that each piece is a timeless treasure that tells a tale of its own.”


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