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The Freshest TikTok Beauty Hacks for Summer

Who said lipstick was just for lips?

For some viral trends, it’s easy to recall the point of inception. Remember how Kylie Jenner’s overlined matte lip ruled Instagram in 2016? Now her Lip Kits sell out within seconds. But for the other trends, they sometimes become so enmeshed in mainstream media that it’s hard to tell who is responsible. When I first saw Addison Rae’s sunkissed blush, I thought, Ooh, is she doing Korean “hangover makeup”? Regardless of where the trend originated-- it could go all the way back to pinching cheeks and powdering wigs-- here are three easy ways to achieve that youthful glow.

Sun-kissed Blush

A quick look at trending beauty TikToks reveals fresh faces with flushed cheeks. Gone are the days of heavy contours and painted brows. And as the weather grows warmer, we see the summer makeup getting lighter. The effect is a natural, dewy look. What goes great with dewy, near-naked skin? Cream blush! And your lipstick is the perfect stand-in.

The trick to “looking younger” here is to dab the lipstick on top of your cheekbone. Traditionally we’re taught to apply blush to the apples of our cheeks. But by positioning the color higher, we shift the attention upwards. Essentially, it’s a mini facelift. Apply your lipstick to the tops of your cheeks, dragging the color across the bridge of your nose. Blend gently with your fingertips for a natural look.

The result: a youthful, freshly-kissed queen.

Under-eye Bags

What if I told you that under-eye bags were cool now? It’s not a new development, but the trend has proven that it’s got some staying power. A viral TikTok video features a girl staring into the camera as she swipes a rusty maroon lipstick under her eyes. Her video, circulated thousands of times, was auto-captioned, “I’m convinced everyone looks better like this.”

The model credited with creating the trend, Sara Carston, says she wants to “normalize dark circles.” Not surprisingly, many expressed disbelief that the proof of their long nights was now a growing beauty trend. Not only is the look achievable-- hello! I’ve already got a good start on this one!-- these faux under-eye bags play up the sultry 90s vibes that we’ve all been loving recently. Think eyeshadow, but in the Upside Down.

The result: a pouty 90s baby.

Heavy Top Lip

We’re all familiar with the snatched fox eye makeup and the faux brow lift, but what about the lip lift? Instead of getting an actual lip lift, you can fake the look at home with a bit of shadowplay. Luckily, this trend is easier to achieve with makeup than you might think. For the best results, start with clean and dry lips.

For a lifted upper lip, connect the peaks of your upper lip in the center, filling in the divet. Blend the outer corners downward with your fingertips and apply gloss as needed. The lipstick should only be in the center of your top lip, rounding out the shape. Don’t fill in your bottom lip for the most dramatic effect.

The result: a pucker worthy of models without all the fuss.

Wrapping Up

What’s so great about these viral beauty trends? Well, for one thing, they require minimal effort. After a long shift at work, who has time to contour and apply layers and layers of product? These TikTok beauty hacks are a quick way to freshen up any look. A dab of color will go a long way, but don’t forget that placement is everything. Grab your lipstick to achieve that just-kissed youthful glow!

HK Sloan is a graduate from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English & Creative Writing. You can keep up with her on her blog or on Instagram @lazybonesloan.

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