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16 With a Dream / No Pressure

Freedom is living your life how you truly want to despite what any source thinks. With Kylie Jenner, Rap/Trap culture, and so much promoting low-self esteem, promiscuity, and poor choices, we hope to give a message that although you may not be perfect, whether the status quo tells you to be wild or a goody toe-shoes knowing, loving, and being who you really are, which could be neither, is always the best option.

Despite what some may say, lip fillers, drugs, and so on canNOT make you happy. Happiness is a choice you make every day, which is what makes it so special, because no one can take happiness from you. You get it by simply being kind to yourself and being a leader, not a follower. Youth is still the future, and we need to protect them.

No Pressure by Karine Charlemagne

From zero to one


Nothing but fun.

Joys of being a bun.

Love shining harder than the sun.

There’s two and three.

Still enough time for me.

New things to learn and see.

Nothing’s been taken away from me.

Four, five, six.

Much added to the mix.

The initiation of learning this

Life has limits.

Seven, eight, nine.

Still doing just fine.

Yes, I have done some crying,

But I can still wait my time.

My pain is but mild.

And no, I don’t mind

The course, of course, of being a child.

10, 11, 12.


Now we speak for ourselves?

I see all the choices on the shelves,

I am left to make without help.

13, 14, 15.

Now I see how very mean

These decisions can be,

Denying everything that is me.

I inhale and never exhale these dreams

That are plastered on every screen.

No, it is not what I need!

What do you mean?

I can be the seen

As the most desirable feen

If I give in to this scheme?

Yes, a scheme.

Not a dream.

Addictive like ecstasy.

No, I still can’t breathe.

Time is continuously speeding.

My heart too quickly beating

So painful it is bleeding…

Yes, I know these persuasions have no meaning.

Joy and happiness are not drugs nor drinking

Nor plastic surgery nor chemicals injecting.

All that’s been infecting

My innocent soul that everyone and everything keeps rejecting.

It’s forcing me.

My vision’s so blurred I mistakenly

Try to be

Everything on that screen

That’s poisoned my mind indeed.

But yes, I do see.

I can let go and just be


16, 17, 18.

Still many years of decision making.

I chose wise and enjoyed the taking

Of the control

I never have to lose

And never will.

In a world

Of ever-changing norms,

There is no need for strife.

No matter how powerful the storms,

I am still the owner of my life.

Creative Direction by Karine Charlemagne

Designs by Tashii Couture

Photography and Retouch by Joe Velez

Hair, Makeup, and Styling by Karine Charlemagne

Model Agency @ Chez Les Mannequins


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