A look created by the embodiment of an outfit donned by WWE Dana Brooke - Feminine power personified in the form of cosmetic artistry. 


With an air of mysticism, this dramatically fierce look is seems as though it is taken from it could be derived anywhere from Egyptian hieroglyphics to the Louvre, or a rock-n-roll stage?


Taken directly from nature, we see a beautiful butterfly leaving a glittery trail over the eyelids, highlighted by gorgeous eyeliner.  


Soft-serve or served warm - we can't tell, but this summer look reminds us of warmer days and cooler refreshments.


Light and dark at the same time, heroic and villainous, though this look is indeed monochromatic, there is much more than initially meets the eye.


Vintage picnic feels, vintage summer feels, vintage ... everything. A soft, but bold, makeup look full of contrast.


You don't need to be behind a screen to get that classic Instagram filter look. Here's that soft glam look once thought to only be achievable via software, live in person.

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